Network Design

Reliable end-to-end network design means accurate weather monitoring and measurement. Get the perfect system for your needs, built with industry expertise.

Why Choose AEM?

One system

From sensors to analytics and beyond, we put everything in place.

Made with knowledge

Our team has spent decades monitoring complex environments.

Large scale solutions

We monitor national and global networks. No job is too complex.

How we can help

custom design

Made to measure

Every network is unique. Tell us what you need to track, and our experts will gather the best tools for the job – balancing the challenges of location against your technical specifications and emergency protocols. This is the network for you.

robust solutions

Ready for any challenge

Our scale and track record means we can find the right solution for any set of environmental factors – from remote coverage to extreme temperatures. We also help you create custom alerts, so you’re always prepared.

more complete picture

Integrate third-party data

Even the largest networks have limits. Our systems can pull additional data from local government and other sources, giving you a more complete picture of conditions.

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