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The insights you need to help maintain supply and protect crucial renewable energy infrastructure. This is your real-time and historical hyper-local weather network.

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See how Siemens Gamesa protects renewable infrastructure with AEM solutions


Lightning and Severe Weather Management for Wind Farms with Siemens Gamesa

Hear how Siemens Gamesa utilizes AEM’s lightning data for early detection of blade damage and forensic reporting for damage claims.

The use of the data results in performance improvement and protecting the integrity of their assets.

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Why Choose AEM?

Comprehensive planning data

We have the historical and forecast data you need to optimize renewable farm placement.

Protect infrastructure

We help utilities understand how weather is impacting generation and equipment health.

Worker safety

We provide on-site and mobile notification systems to protect workers from weather.

Learn how AEM is helping utilities conquer today's growing weather challenges


Conquering Today’s Power Utility Challenges with Weather Services & Alerts

Learn how weather tech and services provide a platform for long-term success with renewables initiatives, from planning to delivery.

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How we can help


Monitor your solar, wind, and hydroelectric investments

We can provide the hardware, software, and network design support you need to optimize and protect your renewable infrastructure investments, including solar farms, wind farms, hydroelectric dams, and beyond.

Accurate weather forecasting and modeling based on historic data play a pivotal role in protecting the profits and customer satisfaction of renewable energy farms. By analyzing past weather trends, renewable energy farms can make informed decisions regarding resource allocation, maintenance schedules, and overall operational planning. This enables them to optimize energy production, mitigate potential risks, and deliver reliable service to their customers.

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trading efficiency

Forecast weather to forecast supply

Weather conditions underpin everything from energy trading to power allocations. With hyperlocal information for all your key locations, our weather monitoring tools keep you two steps ahead.

Accurate forecasting and modeling based on historic data are essential for protecting profits and maintaining customer satisfaction. By analyzing past weather trends, utility companies can make informed decisions regarding resource allocation, pricing strategies, and overall operational planning. This allows them to optimize energy generation, mitigate risks, and provide reliable service, thereby ensuring customer satisfaction and maximizing profitability.

Early detection of damage

Find the right time for maintenance

Major weather events have the potential to disrupt service delivery and threaten the infrastructure of renewable energy farms. Adverse weather conditions such as storms, heavy winds, or extreme heat can damage equipment, disrupt energy generation, and lead to downtime. Timely and accurate weather prediction and relevant intelligence are crucial for a swift and effective recovery from such events. With advanced weather forecasting solutions, renewable energy farms can proactively prepare for potential disruptions, allocate resources for timely recovery, and ensure minimal downtime.

Weather monitoring plays a vital role in maximizing the impact and response time of field service crews. Timely and clear weather alerts enable field service teams to take appropriate actions, optimize their operations, and provide responsive service to customers. By leveraging real-time information on weather conditions and infrastructure strain, renewable energy farms can enhance worker safety and operational efficiency.


Get the full picture

On-site weather monitoring, including the use of weather stations and sensors, allows you to meet compliance requirements related to renewable farm operations in any state or municipality. By tracking and reporting weather data, you can demonstrate their commitment to environmental stewardship and adherence to regulations.

With our help, you can measure everything from temperature and humidity to wind speed and direction. Analyze more than 25 key atmosphere indicators.

Our Renewable Energy solutions

Elements 360 by AEM is a multi-hazard environmental risk management solution including monitoring, alerting, and collaboration tools.

AEM Elements™ 360

AEM Elements 360 is a multi-hazard weather intelligence solution and the cornerstone of the Elements Resiliency Platform.

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Multi-weather sensors

Track the data you need to monitor severe weather threats and make key decisions when it matters most.

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Earth Networks Total Lightning Network®

With sensors in 100+ countries, we provide the world’s most precise lightning network – measuring within 100m of your location.

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Sferic Maps®

The ultimate severe weather visualization, decision support, and alerting tool, with a vast library of weather observation layers.

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