Wildfire Risk Management

The risk of wildfires is growing every year and the potential damages are colossal – make sure you’re prepared.

Why Choose AEM?

Data you can act on

Accurate, real-time data gives you clarity to make tough decisions.

Built on decades of wildfire experience

For over 40 years we’ve been helping people anticipate, prepare for, and recover from wildfires.

Proven. Certified. Tested.

We meet all US fire network standards – including sensor accuracy, calibration, and maintenance.

How we can help

Situational Awareness

Everything you need to prepare

From sensors to software and beyond, AEM hands you the tools to see wildfires coming. Track weather changes, monitor conditions, and keep a close watch over locations that could be vulnerable to flash floods and debris flows in the aftermath.

make the right decision

Take decisive actions

The causes of wildfires are complex. Your system needs to monitor everything from lightning to rainfall to wind speeds. We capture all this data, then translate it into visualizations and insights, making it easier for you to make the right call.

Observations direct from the field

Invest in future savings

Installing a dedicated fire weather network can dramatically reduce how much you spend on suppressing wildfires. With clear, accurate data, you can also see patterns emerge – and start to see where you should focus your resources. 

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How to Maximize Wildfire Preparedness and Response

We discuss how wildfires are a major challenge for utilities and local agencies managing Wildland Urban Interface (WUI). This free, one-hour learning session focuses on how organizations are addressing the wildfire event curve head-on with leading monitoring tools and software, including how to:

  • Accelerate wildfire detection and automate forecasting leveraging remote monitoring
  • Increase public and employee safety with automated, highly accurate Fire Danger Ratings
  • Track fire response and mitigation more effectively with real-time data from the field
  • Maintain situational awareness of fire risks during thunderstorms with lightning detection
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