Flood Risk Management

Get real-time warnings of potential floods so you can protect your people and assets, while minimizing disruption to your operations.

Why Choose AEM?

Reliable data

We provide real-time data you can count on – with accurate measurements to drive decisive actions.

Software that automates

Set your own rules to trigger alarms or team response after a set amount of rainfall or other conditions.

Built for the extremes

Hardware designed for minimal maintenance, even in the harshest environments.

How we can help

flood monitoring

A single solution

Real-time data. Rainfall estimates. Alarm protocols. Everything comes together in our software platform. Built on open protocols, it works with whatever hardware you choose to use. More than 75% of all flood warning systems in the U.S. use our products or services.

rugged instrumentation

Real-time sensors and flexible telemetry

A complete, integrated flood early warning monitoring system solution includes all the remote site hydro-meteorological sensing instrumentation, communications equipment, central base station equipment, as well as data collection, archiving, processing, and management software designed for flood warning.

early detection and warning

Be ready at every stage

Our range of tools help you take preventative measures against potential flooding and implement effective response plans. Additionally, they help you detect early signs of flooding and take decisive action to protect people and assets.

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solution guide

Flood Resilience and Planning

In this solution guide, you’ll learn how to better prepare, design, and plan for flooding events, improve resiliency, and employ technologies that help protect lives and property, including:

  • Managing and reducing the risk of floods to communities
  • Technologies and services that support reducing flooding risks
  • Planning and designing a Flood Early Warning System network
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