Emergency Management & Public Safety

Being prepared is essential. Equip your team with the data they need to act fast and save lives when a weather-based emergency is close.

Why Choose AEM?

Targeted measurements

Accurate data gathered directly from the location of concern and transmitted rapidly.

Public safety alerts

Automated outdoor alarms make sure people can avoid danger when it matters most.

Expert team on hand

Our trained meteorologists are ready to help you make critical decisions.

How we can help

positive outcomes

Improve response times

In the event of flooding, wildfires, and other extreme weather, there’s no room for indecision – by acting fast you save lives and protect livelihoods. Accurate, real-time data means you can move early, confident you’ve made the right choice.

mass notification

Automate mass alerts

Public safety is a priority when you know lightning, flooding, or other dangerous weather is on the way. We automate alerts to warn everyone affected, letting you shut down operations and move people to safety in plenty of time.

local and relevant coverage

Act on hyper-local data

With more than 17,500 automated weather stations and 1,800 lightning detection sensors across the world, we monitor where you need it most – the perfect partner to keep your people safe when emergency strikes.

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