Monitor conditions and grow with confidence. Our accurate weather stations and in-field sensor platform provide the data you need to make better decisions at every stage of the crop growth cycle.

Why Choose AEM?

Accuracy you can count on

Real-time data that helps you take decisive action and protect your crops.

Small. Large. Largest.

Industrial precision for every farm, and the needs of every farmer.

More than 30 years of experience

We know how much it matters to get the most from your land.

How we can help

operational efficiency

Reduce field visits

Spend less time visiting crops by getting the key data delivered to your device. Automated monitoring frees up resources and means you get real-time updates whenever you want, not just when someone goes to take a reading.


Built to last

Our durable sensors and stations are made to handle the changing seasons and harshest conditions, without missing a beat. So, you’ll always have readings you can rely on – with minimal maintenance needed over the years.

Onsite Measurement

Hyper-local for best results

Weather can vary drastically within a few miles. When you install stations on your farm, you’ll understand the precise conditions influencing your crops. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Our Agricultural solutions

Vantage Pro2 GroWeather sensor suite

Our weather stations are engineered to deliver data with scientific precision, year after year, in any environment.

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EnviroMonitor Node

EnviroMonitor Nodes connect over a self-optimizing mesh network and transmit critical sensor data to the Gateway.

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Mobilize App

Base your decisions on real-time field data, alerts, and reports delivered to your mobile phone.

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Monitor weather conditions at your personal station or any of the global network of public stations.

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Customer Stories

solution guide

Agricultural Weather Solutions Guide

In this solution guide, you’ll learn how to create the perfect agricultural system and make data-driven decisions with a network of in-field sensors. The guide covers:

  • What are your weather risks?
  • What data do you need for your specific crop(s), your specific soils, and your specific equipment?
  • What sensors do you need to start your system?
  • What communication choices are available?
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