See real-time, high-definition footage of your assets and infrastructure, helping you understand conditions during extreme weather events.

Why choose AEM?

Made durable

Our cameras function in temperatures from -40°F to +120°F.

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View, manage, and share imagery at scale for a more complete picture.

Time-lapse view

Condense days of weather changes into minutes of HD footage.

Our range of cameras

AI Smoke Detection

Use advanced AI algorithms to quickly and accurately identify wildfire threats before they escalate.

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HD weather cameras

Monitor critical assets and infrastructure during weather events and keep your eye on day-to-day operations at your facility.

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StormLink® Camera

The StormLink Camera overcomes the obstacles of high power requirements and limited Internet connectivity at remote locations.

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Wildfire PTZ Camera

Confirm wildfire ignition, access imagery with weather overlay data, and see real-time threats to lives and property.

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