Automated meteorological readings delivered in real time. Connecting everything from weather stations to rain gauges, our telemetry options keep you ahead of changing weather.

Why choose AEM?

Track everything

Our wide range of telemetry options provide the flexibility to meet your monitoring needs.

Don't just measure, see

Automatically transfer data to our web-based visualization tools for easier readings.

Transmit further

Industry-leading transmission distances up to 10,000 ft.

Our range of telemetry


Give RAWS the ability to “talk” with crews through their handheld radios, giving them access to all current weather conditions.

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Robust and reliable TDMA radio communications that transmits your data to where it’s needed.

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EnviroMonitor IP Gateway

EnviroMonitor Gateway collects essential field data from Nodes, then pushes it securely to the WeatherLink Cloud.

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GOES satellite

Robust and innovative communication technology for extremely remote deployments.

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LT1 logging transceiver (GOES / Cell / Iridium)

The ideal compact and rugged solution for managing hydrology and meteorology environmental parameters.

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Ser[LOG] – Cellular / IP

Our flexible Ser[LOG] data loggers offer a variety of customizable configurations and state-of-the-art communication interfaces to meet your needs.

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StormLink® telemetry

StormLink stations give you early warnings of flood and debris, so you can act fast to protect people and property.

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Ubicom Cellular / Iridium

Bidirectional communications allow you to remotely interact with your Axiom DCP anywhere on the globe.

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