Water Management

We know how hard it can be to manage water resources. Our tools help you automate crucial tasks, while improving accuracy and efficiency.

Flood best practices in action - learn all five


Flood Best Practices in Action

Learn the six keys to building and maintaining a strong flood warning system and connect with three real-world success stories that illustrate our approach.

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Why Choose AEM?

Model with confidence

Predict water flow accurately to maintain supply and spot potential overflow issues.

Trust your data

Real-time tracking focused on the conditions that really matter to you.

Detailed water monitoring

Get a single view of every aspect of your water resources.

How we can help

Meet regulatory requirements

Water quality

Guaranteeing clean water is no simple task. Our stations include specialized sensors, giving you automated real-time monitoring on key metrics, and helping you meet the industry’s complex regulation requirements.

Integrated system

Irrigation tools

Need to reliably monitor and calculate your water resources? We help you combine data collection with flow ratings, storage and capacity ratings. Along with hydraulic flow calculations and water distribution tracking, we provide an integrated, easy-to-use system. 

operate smarter

Stormwater and wastewater monitoring

Our solutions help you design and operate your stormwater and combined sewer systems. Because when you truly understand rainfall and runoff, you can create a much clearer model of your inflow.

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Flood Resilience and Planning

In this solution guide, you’ll learn how to better prepare, design, and plan for flooding events, improve resiliency, and employ technologies that help protect lives and property, including:

  • Managing and reducing the risk of floods to communities
  • Technologies and services that support reducing flooding risks
  • Planning and designing a Flood Early Warning System network
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