Water Utilities

Automated monitoring helps keep your water safe, and minimizes disruption to supply when bad weather strikes.

Why Choose AEM?

Stay compliant

Our systems keep you ahead of the EPA’s changing requirements for water.

Trust your data

Real-time tracking focused on the metrics that really matter to you.

Everything you need

A single view of all your water resources.

How we can help

real-time tracking

Track everything in one place

Meteorological data helps water utility managers improve efficiency and safety. Access data on everything from flow and pressure to temperature and volume. Once you’re armed with the right data, making decisions becomes easy.

Automated monitoring

Simplify quality control

Our real-time water quality stations are equipped with a variety of specialized sensors for unattended monitoring. Saving valuable staff resources and creating an ongoing record of quality – ideal for compliance and predictive modeling.


Safe, smart water

As you build a bank of data, you can forecast overflows and predict where anomalies might emerge. This foresight gives you valuable time to put response plans in place and minimize interruption to daily operations and supply.

Our Water Utilities solutions


Everything you need for hydro-meteorological risk management: real-time data collection, processing, visualization, and alerting.

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Water quality sensors

Our in-stream turbidity sensors provide extremely clean, highly precise data with repeatable, long-term accuracy.

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Gauge-Adjusted Radar Rainfall (GARR)

Our unique approach of combining rain gauge and radar data delivers a more accurate rainfall measurement.

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Precipitation sensors

Our range of reliable sensors and gauges help you track rainfall and flood risks in a variety of locations.

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Customer Stories

flood resilience

solution guide

Flood Resilience and Planning

In this solution guide, you’ll learn how to better prepare, design, and plan for flooding events, improve resiliency, and employ technologies that help protect lives and property, including:

  • Managing and reducing the risk of floods to communities
  • Technologies and services that support reducing flooding risks
  • Planning and designing a Flood Early Warning System network
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