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Automated monitoring helps keep your water safe, and minimizes disruption to supply when bad weather strikes.

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We specialize in flood early warning systems that enable action and protect communities.

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We enable interagency collaboration to mobilize weather data when it’s needed most.

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Flood Best Practices in Action

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Track everything in one place

Meteorological data helps water utility managers improve efficiency and safety. Access data on everything from flow and pressure to temperature and volume. Once you’re armed with the right data, making decisions becomes easy.

Our services enable water utilities to monitor and forecast precipitation patterns accurately. This information is essential for assessing water availability, especially in areas reliant on rainfall as a primary water source, as well as predicting floods. By analyzing historical precipitation data and utilizing advanced forecasting models, water utilities can anticipate water supply variations, plan for droughts or heavy rainfall events, and adjust their operations accordingly.


Simplify quality control

Our real-time water quality stations are equipped with a variety of specialized sensors for unattended monitoring. Saving valuable staff resources and creating an ongoing record of quality – ideal for compliance and predictive modeling.

Water measurement provides essential data for determining the availability and distribution of water resources. Accurate measurements enable you to make informed decisions regarding water allocation, infrastructure planning, and sustainable management practices. Without reliable measurements, resource allocation may be mismanaged, leading to inefficiencies, water shortages, or excessive usage in certain areas.

Reliable water measurement also plays a crucial role in safeguarding public health. Accurate measurements of parameters such as chemical contaminants, microbial pathogens, or disinfectant levels provide valuable insights into the safety and potability of drinking water. Quality control ensures that these measurements are precise, enabling timely detection of any potential health risks and facilitating appropriate remediation actions.


Safe, smart water

As you build a bank of data, you can forecast overflows and predict where anomalies might emerge. This foresight gives you valuable time to put response plans in place and minimize interruption to daily operations and supply.

Meteorological data assists water utilities in preparing for and responding to flood events and stormwater management challenges. By tracking weather patterns, including heavy rainfall or severe storms, you can implement preemptive measures to mitigate flooding risks, such as adjusting dam release rates or monitoring stormwater drainage systems. This enhances the utility’s ability to protect infrastructure, prevent property damage, and ensure public safety.

Our Water Utilities solutions

Elements 360 by AEM is a multi-hazard environmental risk management solution including monitoring, alerting, and collaboration tools.

AEM Elements™ 360

AEM Elements 360 is a multi-hazard weather intelligence solution and the cornerstone of the Elements Resiliency Platform.

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Gauge-Adjusted Radar Rainfall (GARR)

Our unique approach of combining rain gauge and radar data delivers a more accurate rainfall measurement.

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Hydromet Services

Tools and services to help you accurately track rainfall and model incoming storms.

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rain[e] precipitation sensors

Our range of reliable sensors and gauges help you track rainfall and flood risks in a variety of locations.

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