Data Collection

Accurate data capture is where all weather monitoring begins. Our tools make sure you get robust, reliable readings, whatever the conditions.

Why choose AEM?

Real-time and reliable

Get weather data transferred to your mobile device in seconds.

Hyper-local readings

Monitor weather conditions for the locations that really matter.

Easy setup

You'll be collecting insights in no time - wired or wireless.

Our range of data collection products

ALERT2 equipment

Robust and reliable TDMA radio communications that transmits your data to where it’s needed.

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Axiom data loggers

Ideal data logger for simple to complex wildfire applications where reliability is paramount and/or the station is very remote.

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EnviroMonitor Gateway

EnviroMonitor Gateway collects essential field data from Nodes, then pushes it securely to the WeatherLink Cloud.

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EnviroMonitor Node

EnviroMonitor Nodes connect over a self-optimizing mesh network and transmit critical sensor data to the Gateway.

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Hydromet data logger

Our powerful and flexible data logger / controller designed with the field technician in mind.

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LT1 logging transceiver (GOES / Cell / Iridium)

The ideal compact and rugged solution for managing hydrology and meteorology environmental parameters.

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Ser[LOG] data loggers

Our flexible Ser[LOG] data loggers offer a variety of customizable configurations and state-of-the-art communication interfaces to meet your needs.

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Gather vital environmental data to maintain safe and smooth maritime operations.

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StormLink® RWIS Pro data logger

The heart of our NTCIP Road Weather Information System providing robust and flexible environmental measurements.

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WeatherLink® Console

The smart way to view, analyze, and share live weather data from your Davis weather stations and sensors.

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