Protect workers, demonstrate compliance, and optimize your mining operations. Our monitoring solutions keep you ahead of changing weather conditions.

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Why Choose AEM?

Pinpoint forecasting

We provide hyperlocal current, forecast, and historical weather data for key sites.

Onsite monitoring

We help mining companies demonstrate compliance and maintain a responsible impact.

Protect mines & miners

We provide the data mines need to align operations with weather and keep people safe.

How we can help

Learn the top four weather-related challenges for mining companies

accurate forecasting

Schedule work with confidence

Bad weather is the enemy of productive work. With accurate forecasts, you can identify the safest times to schedule heavy plant and crane operations.

Accurate weather forecasts enable mining companies to optimize their operations and resource allocation. By understanding upcoming weather patterns, you can plan mining activities more effectively, adjust production schedules, and allocate resources accordingly. This helps maximize productivity, minimize downtime due to adverse weather conditions, and improve overall operational efficiency.

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severe weather tracking

Protect people and equipment

Mining companies face a range of weather-related risks, such as flooding, landslides, or lightning strikes. Weather monitoring allows you to anticipate and mitigate these risks by implementing appropriate safety protocols, conducting timely evacuations if necessary, and implementing measures to protect workers and infrastructure. By identifying potential weather-related threats in advance, mining companies can reduce the likelihood of accidents, minimize financial losses, and maintain a safe working environment.

Adverse weather conditions, such as heavy rainfall or lightning storms, can also damage mining equipment and machinery. Flooding, runoff, and lightning strikes pose risks to both the functionality and longevity of essential equipment. Weather monitoring enables you to take preventive actions by implementing drainage systems, reinforcing infrastructure, and timely shutting down operations in the face of severe weather events. This helps protect valuable assets and reduces the risk of costly repairs or replacements.

trigger safety actions

Automated alerts

Set custom metrics to decide when weather conditions will trigger a delay to your operations and when to send an all-clear message. With automated alerts you avoid tough calls and inconsistent communications – everyone knows what to do.

Compliance can be tricky in the mining industry, but weather monitoring makes it much simpler

accurate forecasting

Demonstrate regulatory compliance

Mining operations must comply with strict regulations aimed at protecting the environment and minimizing pollution. Weather monitoring plays a vital role in ensuring compliance by tracking precipitation levels, identifying potential runoff, and controlling water management systems. By monitoring weather conditions, you can demonstrate your commitment to environmental stewardship, avoid fines or legal issues, and maintain a sustainable operation.

Our Mining solutions

Elements 360 by AEM is a multi-hazard environmental risk management solution including monitoring, alerting, and collaboration tools.

AEM Elements™ 360

AEM Elements 360 is a multi-hazard weather intelligence solution and the cornerstone of the Elements Resiliency Platform.

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Sferic Maps®

The ultimate severe weather visualization, decision support, and alerting tool, with a vast library of weather observation layers.

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Sferic Siren Outdoor Warning System

Make sure everyone knows lightning is on the way with our automated outdoor warning siren.

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Earth Networks Total Lightning Network®

With sensors in 100+ countries, we provide the world’s most precise lightning network – measuring within 100m of your location.

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