Earth Networks Total Lightning Network®

The Earth Networks Total Lightning Network (ENTLN) is the most accurate and dependable global lightning detection network, enabling informed choices, safeguarding assets, reducing operational disruption, and protecting lives when it matters the most.

Meet the total lightning detection solution for communities and businesses

Global lightning network coverage

1,800+ lightning sensors around the world create a profile of historic and real-time lightning activity.

Outstanding detection efficiency

Sophisticated technology and algorithms deliver detection efficiency up to 95%.

Exceptional accuracy

<100m location accuracy to better inform real-world decisions or data analysis.

How we can help

Grounded in real-time data, AEM’s Earth Networks Total Lightning Network and AEM Elements Resiliency Platform offer cutting-edge sensing, user-friendly software, and specialized insights that empower community and enterprise leaders to safeguard human life and critical infrastructure.


The world’s most reliable lightning detection network

The ENTLN is powered by an ever-growing network of AEM’s innovative lightning sensors around the globe to provide high-accuracy insights that can protect and inform people anywhere in the world, for private or public purposes, with reliable lightning data.

Actionable insights

Forecasts, alerts, and beyond

Data from the ENTLN helps us provide customers with more accurate forecasts for just about anywhere in the world while also enabling the creation of hyperlocal risk profiles that uncover and illustrate location-specific weather risks and challenges.

powerful intelligence

Lightning data on demand

In the age of AI insights, lightning and weather data provide valuable inputs that analytical engines can transform into business intelligence around site planning, scheduling, safety procedures, supply chain relationships, and beyond. The high-accuracy ENTLN is a powerful data source.

Customer Stories

Post Case Study

How JetBlue Airways manages severe weather

Watch how they keep crews and airplanes safe from a variety of severe weather situations.

Case Study

Bethesda Country Club implements facility-wide lightning alerting

The club protects all of its outdoor facilities including golf, tennis, and pools.


The Earth Networks Total Lightning Network was the first lightning network to accurately measure and classify both in-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning. In the past, most lightning detection networks only focused on cloud-to-ground strikes. That’s why we say it’s a “total” lightning network.

Cloud-to-ground lightning is just what it sounds like: a bolt of lightning shoots between a storm cloud and the earth. This is what most of us think about when we think of “lightning.” In-cloud lightning refers to the electrical activity that happens high above our heads within the storm but never makes it to ground. Typically, storms that produce cloud-to-ground strikes have even more activity occurring within the storm system.

In-cloud lightning is an indicator of danger for cloud-to-ground strikes in areas where those strikes might not be occurring yet. That means that if you only monitor cloud-to-ground strikes, you’re taking a reactive approach to lightning safety rather than a proactive one.

ENTLN data can be visualized using the AEM Elements™ 360 multi-hazard decision support application or Sferic Maps.
You can set alerts and notifications around proximity thresholds for a specific location directly in Elements 360 or Sferic Maps. You can receive those alerts directly via the application, email, or text.

Yes! The Sferic Siren outdoor warning system provides an audible horn and visible strobe light uses data from the ENTLN. When lightning approaches your area, the alarms trigger automatically to tell everybody to seek shelter or initiate your weather emergency protocol. More discrete indoor alerting systems are also available.

Yes! Our Lightning API allows you to choose from a wide range of flexible options to get direct access to historical or live total lightning data to fuel your own weather apps, predictive models, and analytics in the way that works best for your organization.


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