Weather Alert Systems

When dangerous weather closes in, automated weather alert systems get people out of harm’s way. Install audio and visual cues to protect everyone in the area, then bring them back with all-clear countdowns.

Why choose AEM?

High-decibel sirens

With a 110 dBA horn, our warnings reach everyone in the area.

Know when it's safe

Visual displays count down to inform staff and public to move on.

Customize alerts

Set weather-triggered alerts based on condition, location, and distance.

How we can help

Proactively notify key personnel and the community when severe weather conditions are nearby with an automated warning system.

mass notifications

Keep people safe

Set up a weather alert system to deliver clear audible and visible notifications that instantly warn everyone in the area of severe weather threats, such as lightning and flooded roadways.

real-time data

Improve response time

Maximize visibility of severe weather conditions and improve emergency response time with a weather alert system that initiates action when dangerous weather is in the area.

mobile delivery

Get notified anywhere

Whether you are in the office, on the job site, or at the game, configure your weather alert system to deliver wireless emergency alerts to key personnel on any device via email, text, and push notifications.

Our range of weather alert systems

Elements 360 by AEM is a multi-hazard environmental risk management solution including monitoring, alerting, and collaboration tools.

AEM Elements™ 360

AEM Elements 360 is a multi-hazard weather intelligence solution and the cornerstone of the Elements Resiliency Platform.

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Earth Networks Total Lightning Network®

With sensors in 100+ countries, we provide the world’s most precise lightning network – measuring within 100m of your location.

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Flood warning systems

From the central base station to software and communications equipment, we provide a complete flood warning system.

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High Water Detection Systems (HWDS)

State-of-the-art technology for warning the public to stay out of flooded roadways.

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Sferic Maps®

The ultimate severe weather visualization, decision support, and alerting tool, with a vast library of weather observation layers.

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Sferic Siren Outdoor Warning System

Make sure everyone knows lightning is on the way with our automated outdoor warning siren.

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Customer Stories

Case Study

Bethesda Country Club implements facility-wide lightning alerting

The club protects all of its outdoor facilities including golf, tennis, and pools.

Case Study

How Oklahoma State University tackles severe weather

See how partnering with AEM helps keep students, visitors, and staff safe from severe weather year-round.

Weather Alert Systems: FAQs

Weather alert systems use data from local sensors or a weather data network to automatically warn people when severe weather is in the area, such as lightning or a flooded roadway ahead. When a specific weather threshold is reached, the weather alert system immediately activates an audible siren or voice message or displays a visual cue alerting people nearby to take action. The intelligent platform also notifies key operations personnel via email, text, or push notification so they can activate a severe weather response plan in a timely manner.

When safety is your first priority, weather alert systems are a reliable method to automate decision making and safeguard lives when severe weather is in the area. Our technology is powered by real-time data to immediately deliver a clear audible or visible warning to people nearby, triggering action. These automatic alerts minimize the costly delays and increased risk of injury when manual response teams are needed to clear outdoor areas or block flooded roadways to keep people safe.

Weather alert systems are ideal for any business or community where severe weather or flooding can put outdoor workers, visitors, players, fans, or drivers in harm’s way. AEM’s solutions are used by airports and airlines, local parks and recreation departments, major sports teams, golf clubs, amusement parks, national parks, mines, energy utilities, and more to keep people safe all over the world.

At AEM, we empower communities and organizations to survive – and thrive – in the face of escalating environmental risks. We work with thousands of customers worldwide, ranging from weather enthusiasts to schools and universities, municipal to national government agencies, and energy and water utilities to airline and maritime operators, helping them mitigate weather and environmental risks - protecting people, infrastructure, and entire communities. Our weather alert systems enable timely alerts, automation, and action – all backed by highly trained specialists who can support your team and build confidence in crucial decisions.


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