Severe Weather Risk Management

Severe weather events can unleash costly damage at any time. Learn how to minimize risk and operational downtime.


2023 U.S. Lightning Report

Explore expert-level lightning data with an interactive spin.

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Why Choose AEM?

Pinpoint accuracy

Small errors can have big impacts. Our localized sensors provide the accuracy needed to protect people and assets.

Insights on the move

Monitor severe weather and receive custom mobile notifications, wherever you are.

International to hyper-local

Our vast network of weather stations helps you access relevant data for you to assess risk.

How we can help

Storm tracking visualization

The perfect blend of information

As a single-solution provider, we connect you with the ideal combination of data, risk analysis and strategic insights. Unlock visualization tools for situational awareness and automated alerts to drive decisive actions that protect your operations.

data library

A catalog of data sets

On top of real-time readings, you can access a wealth of historical weather analysis. Quickly visualize long-term trends, spot potential safety concerns, and gain a deeper understanding of where your people or assets could be at risk.

24/7 Meteorological team

Your own expert meteorologists

Overwhelmed by data? Our team helps you diagnose and assess what matters. We can tailor forecasts that shed light on hard choices, like if you should adjust staffing, change operating hours, or modify delivery schedules – all based on the latest climate conditions.

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