Use hyper-local weather intelligence tools to protect students and staff from severe weather, while creating the opportunity for practical, on-site STEM education.

Learn how Palm Beach County School District approaches weather safety


School District of Palm Beach County

Learn how a district of 180 schools established district-wide compliance with the Zachary Martin Act for student-athlete safety and built a powerful approach to storm tracking.

Hear from the district staff

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One system

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Our team has decades of knowledge monitoring school environments.

Weather warnings for all

Our services cover your athletic fields with accurate, real-time services.

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Severe weather preparedness

Build effective weather safety plans

When extreme weather strikes, uncertainty can cause lives. We help you gather essential data – and shape a plan your staff and students can count on.

Student safety is every school or district’s first priority. Severe weather events, such as lightning storms, extreme temperatures, or heavy rain, can pose significant risks to students outdoors. By prioritizing weather safety, schools and districts aim to minimize the potential for injuries and accidents, creating a secure environment for learning and extracurricular activities.

Weather services equip a district’s risk management team with the necessary tools to maximize weather safety and awareness. By utilizing AEM’s end-to-end solutions for weather monitoring and response coordination, your team can track weather patterns, assess risks, and implement appropriate measures. This proactive approach strengthens your ability to mitigate potential hazards and protect the school community.

mass notification

Automated alerts

Give everyone the information they need to stay safe. Our automated alerting system will sound the siren when extreme weather – including lightning – is on the way so students and fans can seek shelter.

Our solutions provide real-time information about impending severe weather events, such as lightning storms or extreme heat. With that timely intelligence, schools, districts, and athletic departments can take immediate action to protect students, whether it involves moving them indoors, rescheduling outdoor activities, or implementing necessary safety protocols. This proactive approach minimizes the risk of weather-related injuries and accidents, ensuring a safe learning environment.

Weather alerts and notifications are particularly crucial for managing sports programs. By keeping track of weather forecasts and receiving alerts, schools can make informed decisions about scheduling practices, games, or outdoor events. This ensures that student-athletes are not exposed to hazardous weather conditions, reducing the risk of injuries and creating favorable conditions for athletic performance.

bring data into the classroom

Teach students about meteorology

Support your STEM initiatives with real-time data used by organizations around the world to make critical decisions. Our data and tools are easy to access and utilize to bring data to life in a practical way.

Studying meteorology encourages the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Analyzing weather data, interpreting forecasts, and understanding the interplay between atmospheric variables require students to think logically, draw conclusions, and make informed decisions. These skills are transferable and applicable in various academic and professional pursuits.


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Our Education solutions

Sferic Siren Outdoor Warning System

Make sure everyone knows lightning is on the way with our automated outdoor warning siren.

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Multi-weather sensors

Track the data you need to monitor severe weather threats and make key decisions when it matters most.

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Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT)

Our stations track wet bulb globe temperatures to help you monitor and manage heat stress in your location.

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Sferic Connect

Mobile severe weather hub notifies staff of dangerous weather when and where they need it.

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Customer Stories

Case Study

Forging a unique weather collaboration with Morristown-Beard Schools

Watch how the school utilizes on-premise severe weather sensors to protect athletes and enable their science curriculum.

Case Study

Palm Beach County coordinates district-wide weather safety

Watch how the county coordinates weather safety information across multiple locations with Earth Networks.


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