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Our accurate weather monitoring helps federal governments protect citizens and infrastructure, while improving operational effectiveness.


Wildfire Readiness Vision

See how governments and utilities can protect communities from the growing threat of major wildfires.

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Sensors to analytics and beyond, we put everything in place.

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Our team has spent decades monitoring complex environments.

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Our range of services combine to meet the many needs of your community.

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data for severe weather, wildfire, and Floods

Accurate intelligence for environmental threats

Every day, government agencies make decisions that affect people’s lives. You need to trust your data. Our vast network of sensors delivers exactly what you need to your device at precisely the right time – making the big calls a little easier.

collaborative data networks

Work with everyone

From transport and land management to defense, our tools help a range of federal partners monitor conditions critical to operations and team safety. Join the network and grow safer together.

storm tracking

A single supplier

Simplify your weather tracking operations by using a single supplier – we provide everything from sensors and stations to the software and support teams. Unlock true peace of mind with a reliable long-term partner.

Our Federal & National Government solutions

Earth Networks Total Lightning Network®

With sensors in 100+ countries, we provide the world’s most precise lightning network – measuring within 100m of your location.

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FTS360 integrates sensor, station, and camera data to provide complete situational awareness of current and potential wildfire events.

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Everything you need for hydro-meteorological risk management: real-time data collection, processing, visualization, and alerting.

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Remote Automated Weather Station (RAWS)

Get exceptionally accurate real-time data. Our Remote Automated Weather Stations are trusted in some of the world’s harshest locations.

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Customer Stories

report & Webinar

2021 U.S. Lightning Report

Every day, our Earth Networks Total Lightning Network® (ENTLN) monitors lightning activity worldwide, triggering alerts to keep people safe from severe weather.

With the release our latest 2021 U.S. Lightning Report, we identify recent trends in lightning activity and help you prepare for a safer year ahead.

  • How Earth Networks detected 446,726,668 in-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning pulses within the U.S in 2021.
  • The top states and counties with the highest volume of lightning.
  • The areas of the country with thunderstorm activity that was different from historical averages.
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