Dam Safety

Even the smallest dams can cause significant damage and threaten downstream communities if they fail. Reliable data and warning systems help you avoid the worst-case scenarios.

Why Choose AEM?

Right time, right alert

Remote sensing and custom alerts notify staff using real-time data to determine the best actions.

Manage risks, wherever they are

Our instrumentation track inflow, outflow and flow where it doesn’t belong.

30 years of experience

We’ve been safeguarding dams and levees across the US since 1992.

dam safety monitoring

Unlock peace of mind

Thousands of aging dams and levees across the world need costly maintenance – presenting major risks to lives and property downstream. Monitoring these high-hazard dams and levees will make sure you’re warned of potential issues before it’s too late.

data collection

Automate and stop wasting time

Your highly skilled team members could be doing so much more than manually collecting data. We save you time and money by automating data collection 24/7. And with custom metrics, you have the clarity you need to make tough decisions.

downstream alerting

Build community resilience

If you know what’s coming, you can prepare your response – saving lives and cutting disruption. Our data gives you time to raise the alarm with downstream communities – providing valuable peace of mind and protecting livelihoods.

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Dam Safety Disaster Risk Reduction with Real-time Monitoring Best Practices

This presentation and educational discussion by experts from our Dam Safety Early Warning Systems program discuss types of remote monitoring and sensing, cameras to verify conditions, as well as emerging technologies.

The discussion is full of practical takeaways and things you can do right away to reduce your risk.

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