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Our range of data and API products

Earth Networks Total Lightning Network®

With sensors in 100+ countries, we provide the world’s most precise lightning network – measuring within 100m of your location.

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Earthquake Data Services

Monitor, visualize, and alert on seismic hazard activity near critical infrastructure points of interest.

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Pinpoint accurate hourly weather forecasts for any location in the world.

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Programmatic RESTful access to your data stored in FTS360.

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Gauge-Adjusted Radar Rainfall (GARR)

Our unique approach of combining rain gauge and radar data delivers a more accurate rainfall measurement.

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Lightning data

Access real-time lightning data with detailed attributes, in a range of feeds and formats to suit your systems.

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Sferic API

Get weather data for any point on the globe to drive your apps and analytics.

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Sferic Data Stream

Real-time weather data to populate dynamic applications or drive complex analytical models.

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WeatherLink API

Access weather station metadata and weather observation data for your WeatherLink connected weather stations.

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report & Webinar

2021 U.S. Lightning Report

Every day, our Earth Networks Total Lightning Network® (ENTLN) monitors lightning activity worldwide, triggering alerts to keep people safe from severe weather.

With the release our latest 2021 U.S. Lightning Report, we identify recent trends in lightning activity and help you prepare for a safer year ahead.

- How Earth Networks detected 446,726,668 in-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning pulses within the U.S in 2021.

- The top states and counties with the highest volume of lightning. 

- The areas of the country with thunderstorm activity that was different from historical averages.

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