ENcast® Forecasts

Minimizing the impact of short-term weather hazards is crucial to your organization’s success. ENcast leverages AEM’s proprietary environmental networks and global, regional, and local modeling, refined by advanced machine learning, to deliver unparalleled forecast accuracy.

ENcast Forecasts

Without the right intelligence and advanced notice, weather events can lead to major financial setbacks and operational delays while damaging customer trust. Across the globe, energy utilities, energy traders, transportation companies, and water resource management teams trust AEM’s ENcast forecast solutions to safeguard operations and ensure continuity, even in the face of unpredictable weather conditions.

AEM solves the biggest industry forecast challenges by delivering the most accurate and comprehensive numerical forecast data for any point on the globe. Our proprietary ENcast forecast engine uses the largest array of high-definition forecast models and infuses hyperlocal real-time weather information to create AI-driven weather predictions and better short-term weather forecasts.

Why Choose AEM?

High-resolution ensembles

Better numerical weather predictions generated from hundreds of models.

AI-powered multimodel

Machine learning models use real-time data to continuously improve forecast accuracy.

Tuned to hyperlocal data

Refined by observations from proprietary AEM networks and unique sites.

How we can help

ENcast products offer flexible data access so you can easily interact with numerical forecast data through a web-based interface or integrate data into your applications or models with our ENcast API.


AI-powered forecast engine

Anticipate weather-related disruptions and proactively adjust operations to avoid delays and improve customer satisfaction using AI-powered predictions. Predict day-to-day demand fluctuations based on weather to scale supply.

The ENcast forecast engine analyzes hundreds of models and uses advanced machine learning algorithms powered by real-time observations to reach the most accurate forecast outcomes.


Real-time corrections

ENcast Forward Error Correction (FEC) meticulously refines forecasts based on real-time conditions and past discrepancies, smoothing out predictions for a more accurate outlook. These hourly updates significantly improve forecast precision by up to 40% from raw data for the closest 12-hour period.

Complete portfolio

Flexible and accurate forecasts

From pinpoint sensor forecasts to wider city forecasts, ENcast offers a forecast for every need.

Sensor Forecast: Use the power of real-time, hyperlocal sensor data to refine forecasts to the highest level of accuracy.

Latitude-Longitude (LAT-LON) Forecast: Accurate forecasts for any latitude/ longitude in the world – no sensor required.

City Forecast: Forecasts for consumer audiences available for 200,000+ cities around the world.

Industries we serve