Personal Weather

Affordable professional-grade weather stations and air quality monitors help you track conditions at your home, in your garden, or anywhere weather matters.

Why Choose AEM?

Everything you need

Includes sensors, shields, and a real-time app – so you can start measuring right away.

Trusted by thousands

Our accurate and reliable stations are used by weather enthusiasts all over the world.

Over 50 years of experience

We’ve spent decades developing the technology behind our weather stations.

How we can help


Comprehensive, hyper-local tracking

A single station is all you need to track temperature and humidity, wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, rainfall, dew point, heat index, moon phase, and much more. This is the only system you’ll ever need.

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contribute to the world

Join a global community

Connect with a community of enthusiastic weather station owners around the world. It’s easy to upload your readings to the WeatherLink Network and other data sharing sites. Learn and develop new skills together.

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easy to use

No need for expertise

Our software and equipment are simple to install and intuitive to use – even if you’re new to weather stations. Your readings show on the console or mobile app, and we provide detailed guides on interpreting the numbers. Questions? Our support team is here for you.

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