Stay ahead of extreme weather events and build operational resilience, with the power to analyze more than 25 key atmospheric conditions.

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Unmatched network

Join the world’s largest weather network, with 12,000 neighborhood-level sensors.

Built to last

Every sensor is stress-tested in some of the world's harshest conditions.

Track it all

Temperature, rainfall, water level, road conditions, and more. We have a sensor for your needs.

Our Range of Sensors


Our professional air quality monitor can help you take steps to deal with poor air quality both indoors and outside.

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Icy Road Warning System with flashing beacon

Fixed road condition sensors

Our fixed road sensors can spot potential hazards and influence driver behavior to help reduce accident frequency and save lives.

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Lightning Sensor

Our lightning sensors capture in-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning in real time with unbeatable accuracy.

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rain[e] precipitation sensors

Our range of reliable sensors and gauges help you track rainfall and flood risks in a variety of locations.

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Temperature, humidity, and pressure sensors

Single and combined sensors to measure relative humidity, air temperature, and air pressure.

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Vantage Pro2™

Our Vantage Pro2 weather station offers the professional weather observer or serious weather enthusiast robust performance with a wide range of options and sensors.

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Vantage Vue®

A fully-integrated, professional sensor suite that delivers performance, accuracy, and reliability at a reasonable price.

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Water flow sensors

Radar technology provides precise contactless measurement of surface flow velocity and water level.

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Water level sensors

Continuously monitor streamflow and calculate discharge using solid state technology.

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Wind sensors

Durable, state-of-the- art wind sensors designed for the harshest environments on and off-shore.

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WS7 weather sensor

Built to withstand all types of environmental conditions, this professional grade weather station measures 7 key weather parameters in one compact sensor.

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