Energy Utilities

Protect vital energy infrastructure, quickly respond to outages, and keep people safe with effective hyper-local weather monitoring.

Why Choose AEM?

Forecasts to save you money

Accurately predict short-term load and buy power accordingly.

Be ready for outages

Severe weather can strike at any time. Data puts you in a position to act.

Safeguard assets

A single, hyper-local view of conditions that impact your energy assets.

How we can help

decrease downtime

Respond quickly to minimize impact

With the power of the network, you can instantly see where and when outages have been triggered by weather incidents. Armed with precise data, you can swiftly deploy responders to address the issues, keeping customers happy while minimizing financial and reputational risk.


Optimize grid efficiency

Severe weather is pushing electrical systems beyond the limits of their design – increasing outages and destabilizing supply. Real-time, local weather intelligence helps you prepare for challenging conditions and do all you can to keep the lights on when lightning, wildfires, and other severe weather strikes.

situational awareness

Put safety first, every time

Severe weather can put customer and staff lives at risk. It’s important you have the ability to visualize changing conditions and analyze safety risks in the moments that matter. With a clear picture of the situation, you can safely deploy your teams.

Our Energy Utilities solutions


FTS360 integrates sensor, station, and camera data to provide complete situational awareness of current and potential wildfire events.

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Pinpoint accurate hourly weather forecasts for any location in the world.

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Sferic API

Get weather data for any point on the globe to drive your apps and analytics.

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Meteorological Services

Call on our 24/7 team of expert meteorologists to access customized real-time weather consulting and storm tracking.

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How to Maximize Wildfire Preparedness and Response

We discuss how wildfires are a major challenge for utilities and local agencies managing Wildland Urban Interface (WUI). This free, one-hour learning session focuses on how organizations are addressing the wildfire event curve head-on with leading monitoring tools and software, including how to:

  • Accelerate wildfire detection and automate forecasting leveraging remote monitoring
  • Increase public and employee safety with automated, highly accurate Fire Danger Ratings
  • Track fire response and mitigation more effectively with real-time data from the field
  • Maintain situational awareness of fire risks during thunderstorms with lightning detection
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