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Keep workers and construction sites safe from the threat of heat, lightning, and beyond while leveraging high-accuracy forecasts to improve job completion timelines.

AEM helps construction and engineering firms protect their workers, deadlines, and bottom line.

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Weather challenges for construction

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Bad weather is a major threat to the construction and engineering industries.


Protect construction workers and sites from lightning, wind, ice, and beyond

The safety of construction workers is paramount. Extreme weather conditions like high temperatures, heavy rainfall, or lightning can pose serious risks to workers. Early warning and alert systems provide timely information about potential severe weather events, enabling companies to take necessary precautions to safeguard their workers.

Similarly, weather can also have an impact on construction equipment. For example, high wind speeds can strain tower cranes, while moisture can lead to rusting.

Weather stations, lightning alarms, and environmental sensors enable companies to monitor weather conditions closely and take appropriate actions to protect their valuable equipment and irreplaceable workforce.

Weather is key to construction planning and execution.


Predict, manage, and minimize weather-related disruptions

Construction activities are often weather-dependent. For instance, concrete pouring requires dry weather, while excavation can be done even in light rain. Real-time weather monitoring helps construction companies prioritize their activities based on current and anticipated weather conditions, ensuring optimal use of resources and time.

High-accuracy forecasts, real-time storm tracking, and instant weather alerts from AEM allow construction companies to optimize field crew operations. These services empower them to make informed decisions, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity.

Any aspect of construction can become dangerous in the wrong weather conditions.


Prepare for and recover from major weather events more effectively

Major weather events such as floods, storms, and wildfires can significantly impact the construction industry, affecting both ongoing projects and future planning. Accurate forecasts and weather data are therefore vital for construction and engineering firms to mitigate the potential risks and maintain operational efficiency.

Weather data and intelligence services can inform severe weather risk management, flood risk management, and wildfire risk management. These tools enable construction companies to plan accordingly and implement preventative measures, reducing potential damage, downtime, and loss progress.

As a major storm approaches, forecasts can provide real-time and accurate updates on its path and intensity. This information allows construction companies to anticipate the severity of the storm and make informed decisions about operations. With automated real-time alerts and notifications for high wind and other safety risks, companies can take necessary precautions to safeguard their sites and resources.

Construction supervisors and operations leaders can use Sferic maps to track lightning in real time.


Track stormwater and flow before, during, and after it rains

All construction sites larger than one acre require a Clean Water Act permit before releasing stormwater. In order to qualify for that permit, firms need to demonstrate that they have a plan in place to prevent sanitary waste, concrete truck washout, chemicals, debris, and beyond from polluting public water resources.

AEM’s hydrometeorology services help construction and development companies understand potential worksites before they ever break ground and manage whatever wet weather comes their way throughout the project. We can help you design a Clean Water Act compliance system to ensure you get the permits you need, regardless of the unique challenges of your site.

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Pinpoint accurate hourly weather forecasts for any location in the world.

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Sferic Connect

Mobile severe weather hub notifies staff of dangerous weather when and where they need it.

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Sferic Siren

Make sure everyone knows lightning is on the way with our automated outdoor alert system.

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Meteorological Services

Call on our 24/7 team of expert meteorologists to access customized real-time weather consulting and storm tracking.

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