Precision Agriculture

Improve yields and reduce waste when you have the true picture of what your crops need. All with robust, easy-to-use precision monitoring.

Why Choose AEM?

Accuracy you can count on

Real-time data that helps you take decisive action and protect your crops.

Small. Large. Largest.

Industrial precision for every farm, and the needs of every farmer.

More than 30 years of experience

We know how much it matters to get the most from your land.

How we can help

monitor growing conditions

Data to help you grow

When you know what’s happening under the soil and in the air, you can fine-tune your approach. And if something needs your immediate attention, automated mobile alerts will let you know.

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A partner to guide you

Support when you need it

Need to install or maintain your system? Our network of local partners is here for you. All backed up by in-house experts to help you turn high quality data into clear actions.

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expand when you are ready

A scalable system

Start small and build your monitoring network over time. Simply install the sensors you need, wherever you need them – and use our intuitive apps and website for all the analysis you need. This is a system for the future of farming.

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In this solution guide, you’ll learn how to create the perfect agricultural system and make data-driven decisions with a network of in-field sensors. The guide covers:

  • What are your weather risks?
  • What data do you need for your specific crop(s), your specific soils, and your specific equipment?
  • What sensors do you need to start your system?
  • What communication choices are available?
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