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Don’t let bad weather ruin game day. We help clubs and leagues at all levels prepare for changing conditions, while protecting people and property.

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Why Choose AEM?

Trusted by the big leagues

We help professional and college sports teams make informed decisions around weather.

Custom weather & lightning alerts

We help sports clubs and facilities keep people safe in the face of severe weather events.

On-call meteorological support

Our meteorological services team can keep you up to date as gametime approaches.

MLB's Washington Nationals use weather services from Earth Networks, an AEM brand.


Washington Nationals

See how MLB’s Washington Nationals make gameday weather decisions based on high-accuracy forecasting data to keep people safe and preserve a fun experience.

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How we can help

storm tracking

Real-time visualization

The importance of storm tracking for sports clubs and businesses cannot be overstated. By utilizing high-accuracy forecasts and real-time storm tracking, you can ensure the safety of you personnel, optimize operations, and protect your investments.

Sometimes it’s not enough to know the forecast – you want to see what’s coming. Our visualization dashboard gives you an instant overview of the conditions, built using a global, localized network of neighborhood-level sensors.

positive outcomes

Automate tough decisions

No more second guessing. With accurate data at your fingertips, you can eliminate stress and make fast decisions. Set clear metrics for when you need to cancel events to protect the safety of players and spectators.

Storm tracking allows sports clubs to closely monitor severe weather events, ensuring the safety of their players, staff, and spectators. By staying updated on approaching storms, clubs can take proactive measures such as evacuations or rescheduling games to avoid potential harm.

By receiving weather alerts and notifications, professional sports teams and private clubs can safeguard their employees, fans, and facilities from the risks associated with severe weather events. Early warnings allow organizations to take proactive measures, such as evacuations or rescheduling activities, ensuring the well-being of their personnel and preventing potential damage to valuable assets.

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Improve performance

In top-level sports, a great playing surface can make all the difference. Give your groundskeepers the edge with real-time alerts on weather and access to an expert support team ready to help interpret weather data.

Weather insights facilitate optimal scheduling of maintenance activities. Groundskeepers can plan tasks like mowing, aerating, and fertilizing based on the weather forecast. For example, they can avoid mowing right before heavy rain to prevent soil compaction or delay fertilization during periods of drought to ensure effective absorption and minimize waste.

Weather intelligence also provides data on precipitation levels, humidity, and evapotranspiration rates, allowing groundskeepers to optimize irrigation practices. By understanding the current and forecasted weather conditions, you can adjust watering schedules, ensuring appropriate moisture levels for the field without overwatering or causing damage.

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