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Don’t let bad weather ruin game day. We help clubs and leagues at all levels prepare for changing conditions, while protecting people and property.


2022 U.S. Lightning Report

Explore expert-level lightning data with an interactive spin.

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Trusted by the big leagues

We help major sports teams track weather and make the right decisions.

Custom alerts

Clear the playing area quickly whenever severe weather is nearby.

Weather as it happens

Our trained meteorologists update you with the latest forecasts during events.

How we can help

storm tracking

Real-time visualization

Sometimes it’s not enough to know the forecast – you want to see what’s coming. Our visualization dashboard gives you an instant overview of the conditions, built using a global, localized network of neighborhood-level sensors.

positive outcomes

Automate tough decisions

No more second guessing. With accurate data at your fingertips, you can eliminate stress and make fast decisions. Set clear metrics for when you need to cancel events to protect the safety of players and spectators.

consult with our meteorologists

Improve performance

In top-level sports, a great playing surface can make all the difference. Give your groundskeepers the edge with real-time alerts on weather and access to an expert support team ready to help interpret weather data.

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Golf Safety with lightning


Golf Safety Weather Solutions

To keep the public safe and protect grounds and equipment, all golf courses must monitor the weather and deliver alerts when unsafe conditions develop. In many places around the country and world, however, that system is a television tuned to a local newscast and a single employee manually blasting an airhorn at their own discretion.
That method simply isn’t adequate in terms of accuracy, reliability, and consistency anymore, especially in the face of increasingly large and unpredictable summer storm systems. In this solution guide we will cover:

  • Golf and weather
  • Developing a weather safety policy with the three pillars
  • Building the ultimate safety stack
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Customer Stories

report & Webinar

2021 U.S. Lightning Report

Every day, our Earth Networks Total Lightning Network® (ENTLN) monitors lightning activity worldwide, triggering alerts to keep people safe from severe weather.

With the release our latest 2021 U.S. Lightning Report, we identify recent trends in lightning activity and help you prepare for a safer year ahead.

  • How Earth Networks detected 446,726,668 in-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning pulses within the U.S in 2021.
  • The top states and counties with the highest volume of lightning.
  • The areas of the country with thunderstorm activity that was different from historical averages.
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