Outdoor Weather Sirens

Get people out of harm’s way quickly with the world’s best weather sirens for lightning. The Sferic Siren outdoor warning system uses advanced lightning detection technology powered by the Earth Networks Total Lightning Network® to issue an automated audible and visible warning when dangerous weather is detected nearby, alerting everybody to seek shelter.

Outdoor Warning Sirens

When dangerous weather and lightning threaten people’s safety, no one argues with the outdoor warning siren. Airports, sports complexes, state and local governments,  universities, and manufacturing facilities across the globe rely on AEM’s Sferic Siren as the solution of choice in outdoor warning systems for severe weather. 

The Sferic Siren outdoor weather siren from AEM sets the standard for fast, accurate lightning alerts and warnings and delivers peace of mind to the operations teams and emergency managers that rely on them every day. From the weather siren’s first outdoor warning to the all-clear countdown, AEM’s outdoor warning systems use the power of technology and automation to help organizations make weather decisions with confidence and keep people safe.

Why Choose AEM?

Audible and visual signals

With a high-decibel horn or voice message and bright strobe, our outdoor warnings reach everyone in the area.

Total lightning detection

Warnings powered by the most reliable and precise lightning network in the world.

Know when it's safe

Audible alerts and visual displays count down to inform when it’s safe to head back outdoors.

How we can help

Our Sferic Siren warning systems provide staff and visitors with a clear siren or voice message when they are under alert and an all-clear signal when it is safe to resume outdoor activities.

mass notifications

Automate mass alerts

Allow the power of automation to keep your operations, customers, and workers safe. Maximize visibility of severe weather alerts and simplify decision making with automated alert sirens and all-clear countdowns.

How it works

customizable configurations

Customize alerts by location

Configure the lightning strike alert radius and set silence times by day for each location or remotely test your system from any web-enabled device. 

Even if you aren’t actively monitoring the weather, our alerts proactively notify you via email, text message or mobile push notification.

situational awareness

Real-time storm tracking

Be the first to know when severe weather threatens and track the storm in real time from anywhere with Sferic Maps & Mobile.

Industries we serve

Customer Stories

Case Study

Bethesda Country Club implements facility-wide lightning alerting

The club protects all of its outdoor facilities including golf, tennis, and pools.

Case Study

Improved lightning alerts for airports in Argentina

Watch how EANA has created custom lightning alerts for specific distances around their airports.


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