Lightning Detection

Be ready before lightning strikes. Our accurate real-time data provides advance warning so you can make decisive moves to safeguard people and operations.

Why Choose AEM?

Exceptional accuracy

Earth Networks Total Lightning Network® delivers the most reliable and precise lightning detection in the world.

Reliable data access

From detection to data feed in less than 15 seconds, powerful data helps you know when lightning threatens to impact operations.

Global coverage

Exceptional location accuracy and detection efficiency almost anywhere you operate in over 100 countries worldwide.

How we can help

REal-time alerting

Precise data when it matters

In today’s dynamic world, businesses and communities need to think seriously about lightning and lightning detection as part of their risk management strategies.

Timely access to precise lightning data allows authorities to issue lightning warnings and implement safety protocols to protect people from potential harm. Schools, universities, and businesses of all types can use this data to make informed decisions about outdoor activities or to initiate appropriate safety procedures when lightning is imminent.

Our Earth Networks Total Lightning Network® provides a real-time data and customizable alert notifications that help you quickly evaluate the risk posed by extreme weather. Precise data can be the difference between taking swift action and making costly mistakes.

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operational efficiency

Protect operations, reduce risk

As businesses strive to prioritize safety and protect their assets, severe weather intelligence becomes more essential each day. When lightning strikes, precautions must be taken, but excessive downtime can prove costly. Whether planes are grounded, events are shut down, or operations must halt, the damage ends up on your bottom line. We help you minimize the financial and safety impacts on your business by providing you with the information you need to lead decisively and the tools you need to bring that leadership to life.

Preparation is key when it comes to severe storms and lightning-related threats. On-site lightning alerting systems enable businesses to communicate about weather hazards with employees and customers in a clear, unmissable way. With up to 45 minutes of lead time, businesses can implement appropriate safety protocols, evacuate outdoor areas, and protect personnel, visitors, and valuable assets.

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the essential source for lightning

Trusted by industries everywhere

If lightning has the potential to interrupt your operations, we can help. From airports and energy companies to schools and government agencies, our tracking tools protect people while minimizing operational and financial risk all over the world.

For industries such as power utilities, shipping, transportation, and construction, lightning detection provides indispensable data for monitoring weather strain and assessing potential impacts on infrastructure. Early warning and alerting services, coupled with hyperlocal lightning detection and alerting capabilities, enable businesses to proactively protect their ground crews, whether in agriculture, aviation, or other sectors.

By receiving real-time weather alerts and leveraging situational intelligence, businesses can make informed decisions regarding field crew operations, minimizing risks and maximizing safety.

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