Get everything you need in one package. Our weather station systems get you set up and monitoring key conditions quickly.

Why choose AEM?

Hyper-local readings

Monitor weather conditions for the locations that really matter.

Track everything

From flooding to wildfires to severe weather, we monitor and analyze it all.

Rock solid reliability

Durable technology delivers scientific-grade accuracy in remote locations.

Our range of systems

Compact Automated Hydrology Station

The ideal solution to configure, collect, store, and transmit data for managing hydrology and meteorology environmental parameters.

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Compact Automated Weather Station

Our compact weather station can be customized to deliver quality, localized, real-time information to support prompt, intelligent decision making.

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Flood warning systems

From the central base station to software and communications equipment, we provide a complete flood warning system.

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High Water Detection Systems (HWDS)

State-of-the-art technology for warning the public to stay out of flooded roadways.

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Portable Weather Stations

Quickly deploy an all-in-one weather station and start to collect critical hyperlocal weather information anywhere and anytime you need it.

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Remote Automated Weather Station (RAWS)

Get exceptionally accurate real-time data. Our Remote Automated Weather Stations are trusted in some of the world’s harshest locations.

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Remote Erosion Monitoring System (REMS™ )

Our Remote Erosion Monitoring System (REMS) spots erosion before the water recedes – providing valuable time to address the problem or alert local residents.

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SedEvent water sampling

Turn-key system for intelligent, automated sampling that measures suspended sediment concentrations (SSC).

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StormLink® RWIS Lite Icy Road

Provide a real-time visual warning to drivers that there is potential for ice on the road in areas that are accident prone.

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StormLink® RWIS One

Our road weather system improves operational and disaster response time with quality, real-time, localized environmental data.

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Vantage Pro2™

Our Vantage Pro2 weather station offers the professional weather observer or serious weather enthusiast robust performance with a wide range of options and sensors.

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