Stabilize and protect critical weather monitoring equipment with our robust structures, including enclosures and mountings.

Why choose AEM?

Built to last

Our structures are made to withstand the world's harshest conditions.

Easy to install

All structures are made to perfectly hold our equipment.

Long-term investment

Choose the right structures to protect critical equipment from the elements.

Our range of structures

Radar enclosure

Fitted specifically for the FTS Radar Stage Sensor, the enclosure ensures that your equipment is safe from external debris and environmental hazards.

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RAWS enclosure

Secure and simple housing of equipment at Fixed RAWS (Remote Automated Weather Station) sites.

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Sensor Shelter

Our sensor shelter uses natural ventilation to protect your sensors from weather and radiation.

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Equipment that provides long-lasting and reliable function while keeping installation, operation, and maintenance as quick and easy as possible.

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Telemetry cabinet

Our weatherproof telemetry cabinet houses most any style of transmitter, whether it’s a canister or NEMA enclosure.

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Universal shelter

For outdoor installations, this weather-resistant enclosure protects weather consoles and components from the elements.

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Water quality enclosure

Our water quality enclosure is designed specifically for water quality stations utilizing an ISCO water autosampler.

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