Gauge-Adjusted Radar Rainfall (GARR)

Get precise, timely rainfall measurements for enhanced flood warnings and more accurate hydrological models. Gauge-Adjusted Radar Rainfall (GARR) combines rain gauge and weather radar data for superior accuracy over standalone systems.

Why Choose AEM?

High-resolution rainfall

More accurately characterizes rainfall by providing a rainfall measurement between rain gauges.

Physics based approach

Unique quality controlled, spatially- and temporally-varied approach.

Reliable rainfall measurement

Receive hyperlocal rainfall data when rain gauges fail or during radar outages.

How our Gauge-Adjusted Radar Rainfall can help


More accurate rainfall measurement

Rainfall is variable in both time and space and can be difficult to accurately measure. By uniquely combining rain gauge and weather radar data, Gauge-Adjusted Radar Rainfall (GARR) provides a more accurate rainfall measurement than either system can produce alone.


Better flood early warnings

AEM’s GARR is produced using a unique quality controlled, spatially- and temporally-varied approach that better represents rainfall quantity, location, and timing from sewer catchments to river basins and more. Quality, accurate data is is required to inform critical decision-making for real-time and predictive rainfall applications, such as emergency flooding response or active real-time control.