Wildfire PTZ Camera

Combine actionable insights with smart wildfire camera technology to improve situational awareness and enhance visibility of high-risk wildfire locations, for the earliest detection and quickest response.  

Why Choose AEM?

True real-time views

View the latest images within seconds on any device for real-time visibility of the most current conditions.

Intelligent camera technology

Data and insights combine to pinpoint high-risk locations so you know where to focus your attention.

Watch multiple locations

Collect and display images together by azimuth for easier interpretation by the human eye.

Intelligent wildfire cameras for complete situational awareness

Accurate and reliable

High definition views

With a full 360° pan 90° tilt and 40x optical zoom, our 1080p HD PTZ wildfire cameras provide accurate, reliable data and technology to capture the total environmental conditions for 25 miles.

intuitive software

View and curate images

FTS360 is your secure and reliable web based software for wildfire camera control, viewing live imagery by azimuth with weather data overlay.

  • Command and control PTZ camera images and video from anywhere.
  • Overlay weather data, such as temperature, wind, and more, for deeper insights.
  • Save images and time-lapses to your vault for 1 year for historical record. 
  • Provide public access to wildfire camera images with FTS360 Overwatch.

smart guard tour


Intelligent wildfire camera guard tour technology to help you pinpoint and watch high-risk locations in real time.

  • Collect and display images together by azimuth for easier interpretation by the human eye.
  • Add high-risk locations to the guard tour to view the latest images within seconds and easily monitor for hazardous events, such as wildfires.

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From Cameras to Smart Cameras: A Demonstration of AEM’s PTZ Camera Technology

With the ability to monitor 360 degrees over vast terrain, cameras with pan-tilt-zoom technology (PTZ cameras) are an excellent tool for rapidly discovering dangerous conditions. However, they can quickly overwhelm their human users with vast numbers of seemingly random images.

This on-demand webinar will help you overcome that challenge by demonstrating how to get the most out of today’s PTZ cameras.When you watch this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Optimize the way you collect and display images to facilitate human interpretation
  • Capitalize on live-streaming video and up-to-the-minute images to enhance real-time awareness
  • Utilize data to automatically identify and highlight potential points of interest within your camera’s field of view
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