Track weather changes, monitor conditions, and keep a close watch over high-risk locations in real-time before, during, and after an event with our intelligent wildfire software platform.  

Why Choose AEM?

Complete situational awareness

View and curate sensor and station data, camera images, and video in one wildfire software platform.

Customizable intelligent platform

Configure advanced calculations and intelligent alerts in our intuitive programming environment.

Advanced security and privacy

Edge to cloud data security protects your data and privacy.

Wildfire software for complete situational awareness

intelligent camera technology


Intelligent camera guard tour technology in FTS360 wildfire software so you can easily pinpoint and watch high-risk locations in real time.

  • Receive automated alerts for high-risk conditions, such as lightning strikes, within your viewshed.
  • Add high-risk locations to the guard tour to view the latest images within seconds and easily monitor for hazardous events, such as wildfires.
  • Collect and display images together by azimuth for easier interpretation by the human eye.

Public awareness


  • Designed for emergency response shared resources and public awareness.
  • FTS360 wildfire software customers can enable public viewing of their data.
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custom programming


NodeRED is a visual tool within FTS360 wildfire software that allows users to write, test and deploy custom programs in real-time.

  • Setup, configure, and manage devices, APIs, and online services to meet specific needs.
  • Write custom alerts to perform actions such as emails, tweets, or taking a photo.
  • Built-in library supports data ingestion, calculation of Canadian FDRS codes and more.
  • Learn NodeRED via online platform resources.

Security and privacy

Edge to cloud data security

Edge to cloud data security protects your data and privacy:

  • Devices and users have encrypted login credentials.
  • GDPR compliant, no personal user data is collected.
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Real-time data transmission

High-Rate Information Transmission (HRIT)

FTS invests in high-rate information transmission (HRIT) to ensure GOES data is received within seconds of being transmitted:

  • Near real-time alerting network using random transmissions that arrive in FTS360 wildfire software 10 seconds after station transmission.
  • Data integrity assured through redundant collection paths.
  • GOES satellite network operates reliably even during extreme weather events that threaten terrestrial based networks.
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Advanced features

Value-add layers

Customize to your wildfire software needs with optional upgrades including:

  • Lightning: Use power of the Earth Networks Total Lightning Network® to detect lightning strikes and create alerts.
  • Air Quality Index: Select from pre-defined AQI tables and view color-coded air quality for region.
  • GIS asset mapping: Enhance map views in FTS360 using customized ESRI shape files and KML files to display boundaries and assets.

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