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OneRain brand impact

30 +
years providing rainfall-related data & services
150 +
federally managed dams supported
3M +
U.S. citizens protected through monitoring

Core products & services

AEM Elements™ 360 software

  • Contrail® is now part of the AEM Elements™ 360 multi-hazard decision support application.
  • A comprehensive situational awareness and decision support toolkit for hydrometeorological hazards
  • Real-time data collecting with up-to-the-minute visualization of current conditions
  • Custom advanced alarms and notification management
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StormLink® satellite telemetry

  • A turnkey solution for remote sensing sites that provides reliable low-cost data in real time
  • Dependable delivery of mission-critical data from the field with two-way communication and remote control
  • L-band communication eliminates rain fade to ensure data integrity
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StormData™ services

  • Radar rainfall forecasting and data with complete coverage of the continental U.S.
  • The most complete archive of radar data available for modeling and study
  • Compare historic and recent storms to better prepare for the next one
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ALERT2 solutions

  • Fully integrated real-time data monitoring and alerting solutions via radio telemetry
  • Network design services aligned with the National Hydrologic Warning Council’s best practices
  • Create a framework for interagency collaboration with easily extendable data
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“OneRain’s ability to recognize and understand an agency’s goals and objectives and provide not only effective but cost-effective solutions to achieve those goals is their strong point. OneRain manages to be innovative while still maintaining reliability and accuracy. Customer service is their primary focus.”

- Daniel G. Miller
Former City Engineer, City of Overland Park, Kansas

“We’ve always had a great support structure through Contrail…and now through Contrail Camera. Having the experts available to integrate a new camera or help us with any troubleshooting or if something comes up, as opposed to relying on internal IT to troubleshoot something… That takes a lot of stress out.”

- Alex Doran
Engineering Tech Specialist (Hydrology), Santa Barbara County

“When Contrail came on board, it was our one-stop toolbox…All the alarming, dashboards, everything that we had in multiple locations before were now consumed into one toolbox…Simple maps to go in and look at details of gauges and sensor types. Turning on and off layers…It finally all came together when we installed Contrail.”

- Joshua McSwain
Senior Business Analyst, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services

“AEM has provided us a comprehensive, consistent approach to monitoring that we can now confidently roll out at any new site. The ability to monitor conditions in real-time at each location means we know exactly what’s going on and can communicate with local tribes and communities accordingly.”

- Program Associate
Safety of Dams Program, Bureau of Indian Affairs

We understand the challenges you face… Ready for answers?

With a talented team of highly experienced individuals, OneRain draws on our proven experience for the past 30+ years to offer a wide range of leading support and professional services to modernize and optimize your water management and hydrometeorological data collection systems. Our professional services can help you achieve your goals by building solutions that strengthen your water monitoring and analysis capabilities and align technology with process to support data sharing, forecasting, early warning, disaster mitigation, and emergency response.

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OneRain online training & support

Part of what makes Contrail® the best hydrometeorological risk management platform is the wealth of knowledge and expertise that supports it. Our regular training sessions and growing knowledge base help users make the most of the platform and stay up to date on new and emerging functionality.

All OneRain software license includes first-year technical support, illustrating our commitment to helping new customers get off the ground successfully and shortening their timeline to realizing return-on-investment.

OneRain support

Brand history

Since 1992, OneRain has been providing private and public sector clients across the country with solutions to optimize water management, heighten regulatory compliance, achieve successful civil works, and save lives. OneRain has contributed to the fundamentals of the industry in its 25 years of existence and today is helping to shape the next generation of real-time hydrometeorological monitoring technology and systems.

In 2018, OneRain became part of the AEM portfolio, joining their frequent collaborators at Vieux & Associates and High Sierra Electronics, as well as several others, to increase awareness of their difference-making solutions and help communities increase resilience in the face of increasing severe weather.