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500k +
weather stations sold
170K +
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highest wind speed ever recorded on a personal station (Vantage Pro2)

Core products & services


  • A sensor platform designed to help growers measure, monitor, and manage crops
  • In-field sensors for real-time monitoring paired with visual, insight-laden software
  • IP or cellular gateways make system setup easy in any location
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Vantage Pro2

  • An industrial-grade weather station built for scientific precision
  • Measures an extended range of factors, including UV, solar radiation, leaf wetness, and moon phase
  • Available in cabled, wireless, and self-cooled models based on needs and use case
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WeatherLink® Console

  • Presents real-time and historical weather data on a vibrant HD color touchscreen
  • All the information you need to carry out deep analysis from a single device
  • Compatible with Vantage Vue and Vantage Pro2 weather stations
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Vantage Vue

  • Measures temperature, humidity, dew point, wind, rainfall, pressure, and more
  • Fully-integrated corrosion-proof sensor suite for all-weather deployments
  • Installable in minutes with wireless data transmission up to 1,000 feet
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  • A professional air quality monitor for use indoors or outdoors
  • Clear, easy-to-interpret air quality reports via WeatherLink app
  • Notifications enable users to take action and protect people from air quality events
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“My Davis weather stations are a very important and significant tool in helping me to identify, evaluate, and make fundamental changes to the WHOLE of my farm business…The weather stations are the most used piece of equipment on the farm.”

- Steven Hobbs
Owner, Yarrock Farm

“EnviroMonitor has been such a game-changer. Before, we irrigated on a two-day rotation. We were totally, totally wrong – wasteful! Now, I know exactly how much water I have in my crop.”

- Matt Morris
Owner, Morris Family Farms

“I chose my system because I needed a well-built and reliable agricultural product. I needed it to be high tech, but accessible, easy to understand and use, and I needed it to collect a ton of data. We chose a Davis system because it was all that, from a company that will stand behind its products. The Davis support team has been great! Efficient, hard-working, communicative, and very responsive.”

- Kurt Gollnick
Owner, Rodnick Farm

“When the EnviroMonitor came out we were able to take sensors … that we’ve been using with other systems and use it with the Davis system. And we’ve been really happy with the way the Davis EnviroMonitor system works. The mesh systems helps us get into lots of territories where we can’t do other systems and the mesh that Davis uses is extremely reliable.”

- Mark Greenspan
Advanced Viticulture, Inc.

“The weather stations provide oversight on localized weather conditions for managed areas where ground staff are not always stationed on-site. This allows the facilities management and landscaping vendor to deploy manpower resources more effectively by activating workers only when necessary and to the specific, targeted site.”

- Thomas Pang
Acez Instruments Pte. Ltd.

“We couldn’t do what we’re doing today without the backend connections we can make using Davis Instruments’ API service. The connectivity is a major difference-maker. It’s a reliable weather station, and the APIs allow us to bring our data directly to the customer through our app.”

- Steven Mason
Ag Technology Specialist, Co-Alliance

Looking to scale a monitoring network for your farm?

When it comes to weather, every farm or site presents its own unique challenges based on crops, acreage, location, and beyond.

Our agriculture specialists help growers at any scale build monitoring systems that are aligned with their exact goals, needs, situation, and budget.

Whether you need to monitor a single acre of a thousand-acre pistachio orchard, we are here to help build the network you need!

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Agricultural Buying Guide

Learn how you can create the perfect environmental monitoring system for your farm.

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Meet the Davis WeatherLink Console

See how the WeatherLink Console revolutionizes the way you access, analyze, and understand your weather data.

WeatherLink®: Davis’ weather and air quality data community

WeatherLink is the largest global network of personal weather stations. It’s a community of more than 200,000 users powered by a growing network of 170,000+ Davis Instruments weather stations around the globe, including 60,000 in the United States.

Each of those users has made their real-time station data available for community use and study through WeatherLink.com. That means anybody can view, analyze, and interact with a real-time map of global weather and air quality conditions and compare that information to detailed reports from their own local station at any time.

The possibilities are endless!

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Brand history

Davis Instruments started its life in the ‘60s as a marine product company specializing in lightweight plastic navigational sextants. In 1984, the company began what would become a transformational journey towards weather tech with a hand-held wind meter for sailors. Based on the success of that product, Davis doubled down on weather, acquiring Digitar and launching the Weather Pro, the portable station that would change everything, in 1988.

Over the subsequent 35 years, Davis has grown and expanded while maintaining focus on its original mission of creating high-quality, accessible products while proudly keeping all production in the United States.

In July of 2019, Davis Instruments was acquired by Union Park Capital, becoming part of the AEM portfolio of brands. Since then, the Davis team has continued to develop exciting new products for consumers, businesses, and growers around the world.