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40 +
years delivering weather & fire intelligence
50 +
forest management agencies as customers
RAWS stations deployed across the U.S.

Core products & services

Remote Automated Weather Station (RAWS)

  • The North American standard for fire weather monitoring
  • Each component meets or exceeds the US National Fire Rating System standards
  • Available in fixed form for long-term monitoring or mobile for rapid deployment
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Wildfire PTZ camera

  • Enables continuous visual wildfire monitoring
  • Provides a live 1080p video stream at 30fps with a 360-degree field of view
  • Can point, tilt, and zoom up to 40x to provide visibility of high-risk locations
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  • Creates an actionable, highly visual narrative for wildfire monitoring
  • Secure, reliable, cloud-based platform for weather station and sensor data curation
  • Centralizes data from weather stations, monitoring sensors, and wildfire cameras
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Compact Automated Hydrology Station

  • All-in-one solution for measuring rainfall, temperature, wind, rainfall, and more
  • Compatible with a wide range of hydrology and meteorology sensors
  • Configures, collects, stores, and transmits data for remote analysis
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Compact Automated Weather Station

  • Improves operational and disaster response time with real-time hyperlocal data
  • Compatible with a wide range of monitoring and meteorology sensors
  • Configures, collects, stores, and transmits data for remote analysis
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Slick install, hats off to the engineers for building such foolproof and repeatable equipment. The laminated sheets made it a pleasure to install!

- Federal US Government Agency

I really appreciate your efforts to help lower our cost and provide us with the best service possible. I hear all about FTS from our partners as well, so kudos!

- Ontario Ministry of Environment

The service FTS offers clearly defines why you are better than the rest!

- Government of Yukon

Our team can help you get started on the road to wildfire readiness and hydrometeorological awareness. During your discovery with one of our specialists, you’ll…

  • Review and assess your current approach
  • Identify solutions leading teams in your space are using
  • Map a personalized, scalable path toward growth & improvement
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FTS’ commitment to customer care

FTS was founded on a single guiding principle: to make customers successful in their efforts to monitor, record and analyze ongoing changes in the natural environment. This means providing exceptional service and support for customers across North America and the world.

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Brand history

It was the late 1970s when FTS founder Bill Cave first imagined automating the collection of weather data by marrying radio telemetry to remote electronic monitoring stations. As a researcher with the Canadian Forest Service, he knew the systems were needed. Certain in his vision, he began developing his first prototypes in the basement of his home in Victoria, Canada and by 1980 he was taking out a $30,000 mortgage on his home to incorporate FTS.

By 1984 FTS had sold over 200 weather stations across Canada, and by 1990 stations had been installed in over 900 locations across Canada and the United States. Since that time, FTS has grown steadily in sales, reach, and reputation in the environmental monitoring industry. Those working with the company today express pride in being part of its culture and reputation.

In 2018, FTS became part of the Advanced Environmental Monitoring (AEM) portfolio providing the brand with the infusion of capital it needed to make the leap into the next level of global product and market development.