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Core products & services

WS7 scientific grade multi-weather sensor

  • Measures seven parameters: temperature, humidity, wind speed/direction, pressure, radiation, and dewpoint
  • No moving parts or measuring elements mean greater reliability and less wear-and-tear
  • Rugged sensor shelter for deployment in harsh conditions
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Weather Backpack

  • An all-in-one mobile professional-grade weather station leveraging the WS7 sensor
  • Deployable or collapsible in minutes for short-term campaigns and easy movement
  • Research-quality data without the hassle of a complex network
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rain[e] precipitation sensors

  • Self-emptying weighing precipitation sensors for maximum data accuracy
  • Available with self-heating for accurate winter and cold-weather campaigns
  • Weatherproof, durable all-metal housing for long-term or high-stress campaigns
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  • Measures wind speed & direction, air temperature, humidity, pressure, and dew point temperature
  • Certified to the EN 60945 standard for maritime equipment
  • Designed to operate in extreme conditions and stay ice-free up to -50 °C
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  • Collects and processes all maritime weather data for simplified visualization
  • Monitor up to 60 measured values with up to 10 customizable alarm channels
  • Highly flexible and user-friendly to provide maximum freedom and value
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“Lambrecht meteo offers a wide range of meteorological sensors combined with excellent support and first-class consulting. Furthermore, we were already able to complete some projects quickly due to short delivery times. We are convinced by the reliability and durability of the products.”

- Bastian Rissling
Board Member, Hagen Observatory

“I have been acquainted with the Lambrecht sensors for a very long time, but I first encountered them around 2010, when I was donated a 1518 H3 sensor by DWD [the German Weather Service]. I love the robustness, build and functionality that Lambrecht sensors offer. This is mainly reflected in the reliability and long service life of the sensors.”

- Saša Zidar
IT Specialist & Hobby Meteorologist

“We decided on the type 15189 because of the decades of experience of other Lambrecht meteo customers, such as the DWD [the German Weather Service], and the convincing presentation of the hardware and project planning. The quality of the products and the after-sales service convince us we’ve made the right decision to this day.”

- Lukas Schenkel
Building Administrator, Municipality of Welver, Germany

Ready to connect with the tools to make any measurement campaign a success?

We don’t just manufacture the best weather and environmental sensors; we specialize in helping our customers deploy and use them to their greatest possible impact.

If you’re looking to carry out a measurement or monitoring campaign of any length or type, we can help you select the best equipment, gather the most accurate data, and understand your results on a deeper level.

Our team of LAMBRECHT specialists responds to all requests to chat in less than 48 hours. Ready to uncover the path forward for your team?

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Maritime Applications Guide

See how LAMBRECHT’s maritime weather stations, sensors, data loggers, and indicators protect ships and profits at sea.

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Custom wraps and printing: the LAMBRECHT touch

Did you know you can customize the design of your LAMBRECHT sensor so that it reflects the work you do and your organization’s unique personality?

We can wrap your sensor to display your company logo or paint the unit itself in your brand color – the possibilities are nearly endless. Let us know your design idea, and we’ll connect you with an artist or lacquerer from our team who can bring your vision to life and transform our top-quality LAMBRECHT sensor into something that’s just for you and your team.

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Brand history

Wilhelm Lambrecht first opened his precision mechanics workshop in July of 1859. His name rapidly became synonymous with outstanding quality, and he opened his Göttingen, Germany production facility (LAMBRECHT’s home to this day) five years later in 1864.

By the mid-1870s, Lambrecht had begun designing a variety of innovative meteorological instruments, including an early wet-and-dry bulb thermometer and improvements to the standard barometer. Wilhelm passed away in 1904, but his legacy of technological innovation and creating scientific products with real value for society lives on to this day.

In 2019, LAMBRECHT meteo joined the AEM portfolio of brands, making LAMBRECHT products available to a much wider global audience and connecting their best-in-class sensors with other weather monitoring and climate resiliency technologies to create innovative solutions.