AEM Elements™ 360

Take command of multi-hazard risk management with AEM Elements 360. Seamlessly convert data into actionable insights for more efficient and effective response coordination to natural hazards.

About AEM Elements 360

AEM Elements 360 is your command center for the management of natural hazard risks, from modeling the impact of an incoming storm to coordinating a rapid response to flash floods. It’s a comprehensive decision support and collaboration application for historical and real-time data insights and a collaboration platform where leaders, response professionals, and other stakeholders from a variety of agencies can share intelligence to coordinate and protect people and infrastructure more effectively than ever.

As one of the pillars of the AEM Elements Resiliency Platform, AEM Elements 360 is broadly compatible with our sensor suite and data services and can be tailored to any application, challenge, or service area using insights from our professional services team.

Why choose AEM Elements 360?

Better situational awareness

Unify environmental data from almost any source for more complete real-time insights.

Optimized decision support

Create the data views and toolkit you need to strengthen and automate your approach.

Streamlined collaboration

Share information across agencies and communities to coordinate a powerful response.

How AEM Elements 360 can help you


Lead with confidence no matter what Mother Nature throws at you

AEM Elements 360 is a decision support application that transforms the uncertainty of natural hazards into a knowable, manageable situation. The application delivers the unmatched combination of historical, real-time, and forecast weather data that first responders, resource management leaders, and public safety organizations need to prepare for, respond to, and recover from any weather event or natural disaster.


Quickly prompt people to act when moments matter

When severe weather strikes, time is of the essence. Sharing accurate information with the right people at the right time is critical to saving lives, optimizing operations, and protecting infrastructure. The automated alerting engine allows users to customize location-based, alerts based on any situation, threshold, or change in conditions and deliver notifications via SMS, email, public web sites, sirens and strobes, and API.


Merge diverse data for improved real-time situational awareness

Eliminate delays due to fragmented data and monitoring disconnected single-hazard applications. AEM Elements 360 easily integrates data from your in-house networks, AEM’s proprietary networks, and almost any other environmental data source for a consolidated view of all relevant hazards and risks.

Transform this diverse data into actionable insights using a versatile suite of configurable maps, charts, dashboards, and analytics for the highest situational awareness for any area of interest.


Bring stakeholders together to enable decisive action and positive outcomes

As environmental hazards grow larger and more expensive, an increasing number of stakeholder teams must come together to prepare for and respond to severe weather and natural disasters. Built to be secure, scalable, and mobile-ready, AEM Elements 360 is specifically designed to enable a breakthrough level of collaboration and information sharing across agencies, businesses, communities, and the general public.


Elevate situational awareness and response across communities

Natural hazards know no bounds. As businesses and communities try to improve their resiliency in the face of rising threats from multiple natural hazard risks, many of those efforts are being hindered by scattered data, poor coordination across key stakeholders, and limited access to timely warnings. Now there’s a way to enhance collaboration, elevate information sharing, and accelerate response when minutes matter. It’s the AEM Elements™ Resiliency Platform & 360 Application.


AEM Elements 360 FAQs

AEM Elements 360 is designed to help agencies, businesses, and communities prepare for, monitor, detect, and respond to a wide array of natural hazards. This includes but is not limited to flood early warning, severe weather early warning, wildfire detection and monitoring, post wildfire debris flows, lightning detection, landslides, and climate monitoring. The system brings together historical, real-time, and forecast weather data, providing a comprehensive view of all relevant hazards and risks.

By transforming the uncertainty of natural hazards into a knowable, manageable situation, AEM Elements 360 equips you with the data, insights, and tools needed to make informed decisions. The application provides a unified view of environmental data from almost any source and turns this data into insights via customizable maps, charts, dashboards, and analytics. This enhanced real-time situational awareness makes it easier to understand the full scope of any situation and act accordingly.

AEM Elements 360 can integrate data from virtually any source. This includes your in-house sensing networks, AEM’s proprietary networks, and almost any other environmental data source. This integrated approach provides a consolidated view of all relevant hazards and risks, enabling you to make confident data-driven decisions.

Yes, AEM Elements 360 is designed to be compatible with a broad range of sensor suites and data services. It can seamlessly integrate data from your existing sensor or weather station network, providing hyperlocal real-time insights focused on your specific area of interest.

Yes, the automated alerting engine enables users to configure complex alerting criteria based on multiple locations, conditions, and thresholds. The application can deliver notifications to multiple recipients via various channels such as SMS, email, public websites, sirens and strobes, and API. This ensures that critical information is shared rapidly and widely to prompt people to act.

AEM Elements 360 is designed to be secure, scalable, and mobile-ready. This ensures compatibility with a wide range of devices, enabling you to access critical information and collaborate effectively from anywhere.

To request a demo of the AEM Elements application, please contact us here. An AEM representative will reach out to you to schedule a tailored demonstration and help you understand how AEM Elements 360 can meet your needs in managing environmental risk.

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