Custom Total Lightning Systems

Deploy a public or private lightning detection network using advanced technologies and superior data processing methodologies to improve the accuracy, reliability, and security of weather information across your region, country, or any area of interest.

About Custom Lightning Systems

Custom lightning detection systems are designed for organizations that require more accurate and tailored weather data. The primary components of a custom lightning detection system include software, sensors, and management tools powered by specialized algorithms to analyze and process raw lightning data precisely.

The data in custom lightning detection systems can be either private or public. Public lightning networks use data from a vast network of established sensors and technology across the world. Organizations can deploy sensors as needed to improve location accuracy and detection efficiency in local areas of interest. From aviation and energy utilities to forecasting services and government agencies, organizations deploying public lightning networks are focused on sharing lightning data with anyone who needs it.

A custom private lightning network is a secure closed system that allows government agencies, meteorological institutions, and environmental research organizations to maintain complete control of their lightning network and data. This control helps to eliminate the risks to national security, vital operations, and critical infrastructure that arise from false or inaccurate weather information.

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From sensors to analytics and beyond, we put everything in place.

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Our team delivers the most reliable and precise lightning networks in the world.

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We develop national and global networks. No job is too complex.

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Innovative detection technology

Our industry-leading lightning sensor technology features exceptional detection efficiency and location accuracy including time-of-arrival and detection algorithms along with GPS technology to accurately locate and classify lightning types. Enhance your private lightning network with Lightning Mapping Array (LMA) sensor technology to map lightning in 3 dimensions for even higher precision.


View, analyze, and alert on real-time data

Gather and view critical insights based on real-time and historical data from your public or private network in one intuitive and easy to use interface.

Configure alerts to notify personnel via email or text when lightning threatens specific assets or locations of interest. Display early storm warnings and receive alerts based on a 45-minute nowcast of lightning threats.

Analyze lightning events as they happen, including details on CG and IC events, strength, and polarity. Layer in proxy radar and use lightning density to obtain rainfall estimates in remote areas.


Remote diagnostics and performance monitoring

With AEM’s Network Manager, you can easily manage and monitor your private lightning network from anywhere using one application. Remote sensor management, diagnostics, and performance monitoring features include:

  • View and change sensor configurations, including antenna sensitivity and data collection protocol
  • Add new sensors and upgrade sensor firmware
  • Monitor performance and health for each sensor, including GPS tracking, size and latency of data packets sent to the central server, amount of lightning the sensor is contributing to, and more.

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