u[sonic] WS7 Weather Sensor

The WS7 is our most compact and capable multi-weather sensor, measuring seven different parameters in real time for scientific study or safety applications.

Meet the best all-around weather sensor for accurate measurement

7 real-time sensors in one

Measure temperature, wind speed and direction, relative humidity, barometric pressure, UV radiation, and dew point.

Flexible and deployment ready

Designed to be deployed rapidly and repositioned easily as needed to support any measurement campaign.

Rugged and easy to maintain

Constructed from seawater-resistant aluminum with no moving parts and rated IP67 for severe weather deployments.

How we can help

The WS7 provides a comprehensive single-sensor solution for nearly any scientific or safety-minded weather measurement project, from planning and monitoring renewable energy farms to keeping athletes and fans safe at athletic events.

Scientific-GraDe weather sensor

Compact weather sensors, huge possibilities

The WS7 is ready for deployment wherever reliable, research-quality data is needed to make a difference for the community. Its self-heating lamella shelter and ultrasonic sensors make the WS7 the most capable multi-weather sensor on the market.

weather insights on demand

Get the weather data you need when it matters most

Integrating WS7 data with AEM Elements™ 360, users can create a real-time monitoring dashboard that presents live readings from the field alongside historical data for maximum insights. It’s the ideal toolkit to get any project or measurement campaign off the ground.

adaptable for any weather campaign

Meet Weather Backpack: your complete portable weather station

Weather Backpack is your on-the-go professional weather station, powered by the capabilities of the WS7. Strap your weather station to your back and deploy it in minutes wherever you need to gather data.


The WS7 gets its name from the fact that it measures seven different weather factors with a single sensor: temperature, wind speed, wind direction, relative humidity, barometric pressure, UV radiation, and dew point. That range of capabilities makes it an ideal single-sensor solution for nearly any measurement or monitoring application.

The u[sonic] line of wind and multi-weather sensors uses ultrasonic measurement to capture wind readings without any moving parts. The sonic sensors enable more accurate data capture and make the WS7 station more reliable for long-term deployments in harsh conditions compared to traditional wind sensors that use spinning vanes or cups.

Research scientists can leverage the wide range of data capture capabilities provided by the u[sonic] WS7 to conduct detailed studies on atmospheric dynamics, microclimate variations, and weather patterns. Its ability to measure multiple parameters simultaneously enhances research efficiency and enables more comprehensive analyses in fields such as meteorology, climatology, and environmental science.

Public safety experts can rely on the u[sonic] WS7 to monitor weather conditions to detect and mitigate risks in various scenarios, including emergency response operations, urban planning, and infrastructure management. By providing real-time data on wind, temperature, humidity, precipitation, and more the u[sonic] WS7 helps authorities make informed decisions around weather to ensure the safety and well-being of communities.


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