Are you prepared? Predictive tools to mitigate flood risk.

The growing frequency and intensity of flood events around the world have driven the need for more accurate forecasting and real-time hydrologic simulation. A predictive flood modeling system can provide information necessary about flood timing and intensity for critical decision-making during an event, both forecast and in real time. This one-hour learning session will focus on how you can actively manage and mitigate flood risk using a predictive flood modeling system.

Webinar topics include how to …

  • Track real-time and forecast watershed response using hydrologic model-simulated output
  • Maintain situational awareness of flood risks and impacts using real-time alerting
  • Understand flooding risk levels faced by emergency responders during a rescue operation
  • Utilize model output to keep emergency managers informed of when to close roads and issue evacuation notifications
  • Leverage descriptive statistics and data downloads to assist with post-event analysis