AI Smoke Detection

AEM Elements™ 360 with AI Smoke Detection leverages advanced technology to quickly and accurately identify wildfire threats, enabling prompt detection and early wildfire intervention prior to escalation.

Meet your intelligent ignition detection solution

Unparalleled speed and accuracy

Advanced machine learning models quickly and precisely confirm wildfire ignitions in critical early moments.

Seamless data integration

One application consolidates multiple detection sources and eliminates delays from fragmented information.

Multi-dimensional insights

Cross-check AI smoke detection data with lightning, satellite hotspots, and more, boosting confidence in decisions.

How we can help

AEM’s AI Smoke Detection provides a reliable, timely way to locate and confirm wildfire threats, transmit alerts, and deploy resources to protect your community.

AI-powered Insights

Boost confidence in decisions when minutes matter

AI algorithms trained on millions of images identify smoke and triangulate the location with 99% accuracy in as little as a minute. Customizable rules allow you to trigger an immediate alert and notify key personnel to act within minutes of the initial detection, ensuring you can be confident in your response to wildfire threats.

optimize response

Minimize delays and false alarms

AEM’s AI Smoke Detection automates wildfire monitoring both day and night, cutting costs and minimizing delays from reliance on human detection and 911 calls. Rapid visual confirmation of a wildfire and it’s location minimizes false alarms and allows you to effectively manage financial and human resources for a more efficient wildfire response.

strengthen wildfire resilience

Multiple data sources, one solution

AEM Elements 360’s Multi-Source Ignition Detection centralizes data from numerous sources into a single decision support application. Combine AI-Smoke Detection data with lightning strikes, satellite hotspots, air quality data, and weather station data for the most comprehensive ignition detection solution and streamlined wildfire response.

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AI smoke detection automates much of wildfire detection monitoring, significantly reducing the number of work hours involved for human professionals. It enables organizations to minimize false alarms and optimize resources in their wildfire verification and response. More precise and reliable data from the field also protects financial resources by allowing for a faster, more targeted response.

Yes! Our infrared cameras visually monitor around the clock and are capable of making timely detections any time of day or night.

AI Smoke Detection can benefit many organizations, including energy utilities looking to protect infrastructure and minimize PSPS, fire professionals and emergency responders managing a wildfire response, land management agencies with a mission to preserve natural resources, and more.

Multi-source ignition detection combines data from various sources including AI smoke detection, lightning detection, satellite hotspots, air quality indicators, fire/weather stations, and more. It’s an intelligent capability wildfire leaders can use to inform, transform, and continuously improve their approach to wildfire risk management.

The most effective wildfire detection solutions integrate multiple, independent data sources to identify high-risk areas and verify ignitions. By using a single, future-proof application, information from multiple data sources can be easily consolidated and used to eliminate delays caused by fragmented information and boost confidence in decisions during critical moments.


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