Portable Weather Stations

Collect critical hyperlocal weather information anywhere you need it with a portable weather station. Our mobile commercial weather stations set up in minutes with everything you need to receive accurate and reliable real-time data on site for any temporary application.

About Portable Weather Stations

Gathering weather data at the right time and right place is critical to making informed decisions. But hyperlocal data may not be available when and where you need it. With a portable weather station from AEM, emergency managers, wildfire managers, and field operations personnel can quickly set up a mobile weather station and start collecting real-time data where it matters most.

Our portable weather stations are the ideal all-in-one solution for short-term or temporary monitoring applications including prescribed wildfire burns or post-wildfire burn scars, industrial emissions and environmental impact studies, natural disaster response, and field worker safety. From the rugged design and commercial sensors to the power management and telemetry, our portable weather stations provide everything in a compact package to help organizations make environmental decisions with confidence anytime and anywhere.

Why Choose AEM?

Hyperlocal readings

Monitor weather conditions to inform critical decisions for the locations that really matter.

Quick deployment

Easily set up a complete commercial weather station in minutes – no expertise required.

Rock solid reliability

Durable mobile weather stations deliver scientific-grade accuracy anywhere.

How our portable weather stations can help

Accurate information

Real-time data where you need it most

Severe weather can happen anywhere and sometimes where you least expect it. Collect the accurate, hyperlocal information you need to keep your operations, customers, and workers safe with a mobile weather station designed for temporary monitoring in any conditions.

durable technology

Rugged by design

Rely on a commercial weather station designed to meet the rigorous demands of monitoring in remote locations, at the fire line, or at the site of severe weather.

Power management systems maximize battery life and include solar panels to ensure your portable weather station collects and transmits data even in adverse conditions.

ease of use

Fast and easy set up

Quickly get up and running and start to gather data in minutes. Then rapidly relocate your portable weather station as needed, all with no special tools and no technical training.

Our range of portable weather stations

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