AEM Elements™ Launches, Setting a New Standard in Natural Disaster Preparedness and Response

Collaborative Resiliency Platform Empowers Environmental Decisions and Climate Readiness

GERMANTOWN, MD, October 3, 2023 — AEM, the essential source for environmental insights, today announced the launch of the AEM ElementsTM Resiliency Platform, a multi-hazard solution to empower communities and organizations with the decisive insights and tools they need for adept natural disaster risk management and mitigation. This launch includes AEM Elements 360, a comprehensive decision support application being unveiled today at the Meteorological Technology World Expo in Geneva, Switzerland.

With ever-increasing uncertainties around climate variability, it is paramount for organizations and communities to be fully prepared for a range of environmental challenges. AEM Elements aims to fill this gap by serving as a comprehensive, all-in-one platform for resilience planning, adaptable to a wide variety of natural hazard scenarios, such as severe and extreme weather, flooding, wildfires, hurricanes, and landslides. The platform not only aggregates data but also synthesizes it into actionable insights, fostering a higher level of situational awareness and collaboration among all stakeholders involved.

“In a world where threats are continuously elevated by the unpredictability of natural events, the AEM Elements platform facilitates collaborative decision-making, leveraging integrated data and intelligence to move from reactive risk management to proactive resilience building. Minutes matter in the assessment and response to natural hazard events, which know no borders. AEM Elements can provide access to crucial data and insights from neighboring communities, enabling decisive action and a coordinated response by all stakeholders.”

Mark D. Miller,
Chief Commercial Officer, AEM

The AEM Elements platform delivers on the entire value chain of capabilities needed to ensure resiliency and climate readiness including:

AEM Elements 360 is the command center for communities and organizations, eliminating common bottlenecks like fragmented data, reliance on disparate single-purpose applications, and inadequate early warnings by seamlessly transforming diverse data sources into actionable insights. This enables more efficient and effective response coordination across all stakeholders involved in natural disaster risk management, from first responders to resource management leaders.

AEM Elements 360’s advanced decision support and collaboration capabilities include:

Using AEM Elements 360, organizations can mitigate damage to critical infrastructure and reduce the number of people and critical assets impacted by natural disasters. The application promotes cross-entity cooperation, elevates community preparedness, and offers a multi-dimensional view of risk exposure, streamlining the complex task of managing natural hazards.

More information about AEM Elements 360 can be found on the AEM website at

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