States & Municipalities

With the right monitoring in place, you can protect lives and infrastructure. Take decisive action to safeguard your communities from extreme weather events.


Wildfire Readiness Vision

See how local governments and utilities can protect communities from the growing threat of major wildfires.

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Why Choose AEM?

One system

Sensors to analytics and beyond, we prepare your community to monitor weather.

Built on experience

Our team has spent decades helping cities prepare for severe weather.

Weather warnings for all

Streamline alerts to notify multiple departments and the public with one system.

How we can help

severe weather preparedness

Protect infrastructure

Weather damage can be expensive for community property and vital infrastructure – especially if you’re not prepared. Our smart tracking gives you the best chance to clear areas and schedule contingency plans to keep key services running.

mass notification

Real-time public alert systems

With extreme weather events on the way, it’s crucial you warn local communities. Our high-decibel alert systems can be used in a wide range of locations to make sure everyone knows when they should seek shelter.

operational efficiency

A long-term climate partner

Our depth of expertise and range of solutions can help you tackle the many emerging threats of extreme weather. And with a support team on-hand to help you make the tough calls, you can be confident handling any weather event.


2022 U.S. Lightning Report

Explore expert-level lightning data with an interactive spin.

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Our States & Municipalities solutions

StormLink® RWIS One

Our road weather system improves operational and disaster response time with quality, real-time, localized environmental data.

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High Water Detection Systems (HWDS)

State-of-the-art technology for warning the public to stay out of flooded roadways.

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Everything you need for hydro-meteorological risk management: real-time data collection, processing, visualization, and alerting.

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LT1 logging transceiver (GOES / Cell / Iridium)

The ideal compact and rugged solution for managing hydrology and meteorology environmental parameters.

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Customer Stories

flood resilience

solution guide

Flood Resilience and Planning

In this solution guide, you’ll learn how to better prepare, design, and plan for flooding events, improve resiliency, and employ technologies that help protect lives and property, including:

  • Managing and reducing the risk of floods to communities
  • Technologies and services that support reducing flooding risks
  • Planning and designing a Flood Early Warning System network
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